Analysis of Shanghai dragon secret Zac blog ranking can not be copied

asked if all Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel is a problem, a love Shanghai index as high as 6355 popular keywords, ranked in the top of the Shanghai love home site is what the size of the site, I think all the staff will optimize the Shanghai Dragon said that in addition to love their products, Shanghai hundred outside must be included and counter the chain of large website million level. The answer is wrong, in fact, in addition to love their own products and Shanghai an odd Zac blog, this hot key Shanghai dragon, Zac blog in the years before a few love Shanghai home. This love has simple blog and Shanghai station is a miracle, but to see the surface of the Zac blog is black and white, but with the Shanghai dragon ranking secret, now Yang Lianggao and everyone to study Shanghai dragon secret, see the Zac blog success can copy. Below we through the webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query and analysis about Zac blog:

through analysis of the above data, it is unable to believe that love Shanghai index as high as 6355 super popular keywords, such a simple blog to row on the home page top. This example basically subvert the current Shanghai dragon theory, including the search engine on the official Shanghai Longfeng advice and Zac himself is said is because every day a long, original results. I believe that many people are learning Zac every day of the original post of the spirit, even every day of the original number of Posts and a large number of high quality There are plenty of people who, the high weight of the chain, why the ranking is significantly better than Zac blog. The Zac blog is not included in Shanghai dragon big secret secret. This abnormal search engine, can not use Shanghai Longfeng ready-made theory to explain the phenomenon, only the Zac blog and love Shanghai encyclopedia, see not what Zac blog from the data on the surface, only turned to research and it is the same with theory can not explain the love Shanghai 100 families, they have no common look point. The Shanghai encyclopedia logic that love usually rank well, because the love of Shanghai for their products with high preference, so the weight and ranking, but if change an angle to think, the Encyclopedia of just a public product, is the love of Shanghai to provide a platform for everyone from editing, is explained by the public objectively fair on one thing or a word made, because the word is public spontaneous editing, so on behalf of voting and understanding of the public, so that it has a strong love for Shanghai high convincing, given high weight and good rankings. Such an interpretation of love Shanghai encyclopedia ranking seems to be more reasonable. If the public with convincing the thinking to understand the Zac blog ranking, found everything very reasonable. Zac is the beginning of 2006 to write blog Chinese "Shanghai dragon stick a day", a few months "Shanghai dragon every one" become the most cited China Shanghai Longfeng area, one of the most popular industry blog, many articles widely circulated on the internet. This shows that the Zac blog site in Shanghai dragon circle among public convincing. We can learn from the Shanghai love Wikipedia and Zac blog example, an important factor in convincing the public search engine ranking. Shanghai love Wikipedia is by the public.


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