A few tips love Shanghai snapshot optimization

love Shanghai snapshot, what is love Shanghai? Don’t know careful readers have found that, when you use the time to fall in love with the sea search engine, each page will have a "love Shanghai", accompanied by a date, yes, this is the love of Shanghai as fast, "every is a collection of web pages, in the fall in love with the sea is saved to a text in the form of backup" — this is the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai snapshot description, in simple terms, if the weight of your site, a spider climb to high frequency, so a snapshot of your site’s date is on and your site more friendly to search engines.

my health website, webmaster sure sometimes so ask yourself, then you will find a bunch of tools to check their website, from the chain ah, from the friendship, from the content, from within the chain and so on to check the basic situation of their own website, but falls a very important aspect, the snapshot is a love of Shanghai, here is also very easy to be ignored.

four, the next is some of the reasons outside the site.

2. Links drag. A good Links for >

three, the content is not original, acquisition problem is serious, because the content of the collection without what value to readers, is the flood of Internet content, the search engine can tell you is not original, if high repetition, your article is not included, of course, you can not update the snapshot.

1. the web server is not stable, a web server is not stable, this is obviously a problem, just like to say a person’s home often do not open the door, there will be guests to visit you, of course not, a web site often isn’t open, the search engine will think you this site don’t trust, the spider will not come, you will certainly not snapshot as can be imagined, what good results.

, from the site itself, for example, your website content is not very friendly, there are some sensitive words, it is very unwise, the search engine is very sensitive to this, as long as you find sites have such problems will be punished to observe you, if you still do not modify it, you the station will be a tragedy, light makes you snapshot stagnation, while the K station depilates, or check your website. This kind of problem.

two, the website often changes, title, description, keywords changes often, play fast and loose. This is often a mistake novice webmaster, a new online not long, because of the keyword adjustment often changes, this is not very friendly. Because this is equivalent to a person each time is not the same, wearing different clothes every time, but also to change the name, it will cause the search engine doesn’t trust you, this need to pay attention to.

the little love song to sum up as early as possible once the website snapshot does not update, or stagnation correction of some of the basic factors.

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