Many sites have been K you do rescue work

in addition to use some tools to detect, we also observe the recent Web log certified health status, to see whether the spider crawling is normal, and the site if there are some abnormal state of

? ?

may cause our site is down right, is the cause of the K there are many factors, but whatever the cause, we need to do is to organize their own first certification website content, whether it is needed by the users, and their related website subject? I believe most of the sites are in the reason for this, so we have to put these undesirable content delete, delete and submit the reasons to love Shanghai. To delete after the authentication in writing and site theme related content, be able to truly meet the needs of users, is not blind to remedy the hair of the chain, this is certainly not.

(two) to check their site health status.

(three) using the correct way to save website optimization.

said that although the internal factors causing the site to drop right are common to many websites committed, but partly because of its own website not caused health ", for example, the server is not stable Links involved etc.. These are all can use some Adsense tools to detect, although the detection is limited, but for us is very important.

website optimization of the weights of the website promotion, recovery effect? "

of course there are some websites because before doing a lot of garbage outside the chain, the site suddenly got up, but a substantial reduction in the update process chain obviously in this love Shanghai, which is also the site right down to a very important reason, before like my www.di7gongshe贵族宝贝 this website about the chain 15W but, in the process of updating all you can see from the picture only outside the chain of about 13W, and the decrease in everyday, which has become one of the main reasons for my website right down.

is for rescue work honestly Xiaobian made some research from some ranking stable during the update of the site, summed up their deficiencies, improve, of course still do not know whether such rescue methods in place, but Xiaobian always believe that a bit persevering, well, nonsense not say, the following specific about the small side to save rate.

on the day before yesterday (2013 April 9th) many sites with love Shanghai algorithm and upgrading and adjustment, the right to be reduced, K even pull hair, so no feelings at all, for some small webmaster many chose to give up to close their websites, but for the real dragon phoenix on ER who also believe that already made the rescue work site, Xiao Bian is ready, you do not know

(a) site full range of internal sorting.

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