Five misunderstandings in the optimization to the user experience in

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"optimization", has become a hot word after the search engine in the era. Love Shanghai as the search engine giant, in the head on the network more and more optimization. Of course, in order to avoid the optimization of commercial transition, bring adverse effect to the network users, the start of the Shanghai love network rectification. Therefore, the "user experience" has become a "father love Shanghai algorithm".


The following figure

proficient in many website promotion Shanghai dragon friends all know: love Shanghai in pursuit of "user experience", refers to the number of website popularity and website article reading by clicking. Some of the site’s webmaster to your web page through the optimization to love Shanghai keywords. Enter the keywords in love in Shanghai, and then click on the page, but this approach for some keywords more fierce competition, optimization to page two or three is a difficulty. Because a single IP approach to "click, click on the little effect is not obvious, click on the IP can not eat too much of a single top. Besides some small web pages by keywords can not be found (friendship.


for many small sites, network hot words may hope that through some network often "the times" as the theme of this article. Although this is a good way, but some webmaster uppity even took the same title, which is "severe" in the article on the substantial amount of modification or even the original (in order to avoid plagiarism, plagiarism is not love love Shanghai, especially in the site. Ps: is the site of the "patent". ). But in general, these "hot words" composed of the title, love is the four major portals in Shanghai and CCTV, Xinhua and other official monopoly, small website is almost no room for dinner. Therefore, this website owners not only can not make the exposure, even lose a lot of writing skills.

for example, some webmaster wrote an article called "on the novice friends how to do external links" article on their website. The Takako Kyokoai Shanghai headlines when the discovery of the first love of Shanghai is A5, and his article but can not find the north.

[two]: the misunderstanding of top up, click on individual

so, in Shanghai love over and over again to advocate the "user experience", and how to optimize? Of course, a lot of network promotion experts began to study the "hot words" marketing, "method of station assisted," while taking a lot of water in the "pseudo the user experience, and this practice is not effective. Because these practices are often into the misunderstanding of "user experience". So, "a new era of user experience", love Shanghai optimization method in the network, which is a misunderstanding of

] a misunderstanding: "hot words" title transition site optimization, more and more addicted to the myth [

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