A5 marketing the two level domain optimization caused by improper right down on education industry w

currently belongs to the type of site real estate industry violence, talent and education, these types of sites are the most violent and the most popular industry website at present, many owners are also targeting this. Today is to talk about the education and training industry website, do not know if you have not noticed, who began to engage in training through the line and then combined with the line on the website to recruit students, especially some personal webmaster website has become the third party and training institutions recruiting, training institutions is also do their own training site to recruit students. In fact, the webmaster can be found, the education industry has become a huge industry, it is also because the Internet makes the strong users through the network to participate in training.

, a large area of call home page content

example: the search engines access to a training site, I belong to the Xuzhou area so I find Xuzhou training school, I then click on the Xuzhou two level domain name page, domain name xz.abc贵族宝贝, click into the page after the call is not found in some courses, xz.abc贵族宝贝 under the domain name but is called www.abc贵族宝贝 the content of this website is not caused by updates become two level domain name page of low quality.

The contents of the two level domain in Although the

area, two are the same

Template two level domain name in the

then, in the two level domain in the template are the same. On the two level domain name page all area in the template >

education industry on the Internet is very easy to make money, but the competitiveness is not small, especially some large training sites, they almost all have been on the Internet first, want to go beyond their website must use their website to do strong, the only way to beyond the large training site. The reality from the current data, most of the education and training websites have a regional two level domain name, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, to show the form of bj.abc贵族宝贝. But many owners did not go to the two level domain optimization page in these areas is good, leading to the site for a variety of reasons which caused the low quality as page site is down right, which is currently part of the education industry website the most common problems. Of course, some owners asked the two level domain is suitable, the author thinks fit, but in the other hand to do the differences in contents and other pages of. The following A5 marketing and education industry website owners to communicate with it, see what factors will cause the drop right.

first, in the two level domain in the contents of a large number of calls home page content. When A5 marketing in the diagnosis of education industry website found that many of the contents of the two level domain to update, most of the content is called the WWW domain content, resulting in duplication of site content degree and no independent content, since it is the two level domain name has its own page, then the content of the page to be independent. And the two level domain name itself to spread the weight, if not to control will affect the weight of the website.

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