How do the website was hacked


is now more and more sites, although the country has done some restrictions and requirements, but there are more and more sites set up. With the increasing number of websites, the website security has become a big problem, for example, before there is a small website was hacked, the program was deleted, but made a backup, or before hard in vain. Now Xiaobian and simple to say how to do after the site was black. This is when the small website was hacked…

Because the

1. to modify the user name and password, because the website was hacked, the hacker is sure to change the permissions you have, so the website background, virtual host login, database, and FTP login username and password change >

Check the

website was hacked, we first consider how to recover as soon as possible sites, we all know the website operation two aspects is the basic program and database, so we must first enter the host management panel check procedure is complete, the database is complete.

if you do not know, then I suggest you from the following aspects to correct


site is second stage of black postprocessing: restore data

procedure is very simple, we can enter the file manager, let the file arrangement from the modified time, you can see which files are modified. Under normal circumstances, hacking site generally just modify the front page of the site, so as long as the home page click file recovery. Of course there are unscrupulous hackers, like small last encounter, directly to the entire program are deleted..

after we restore good website data, we must start from the source to find out the reasons, what hackers are through what method to black out the website? For example? Or what the FTP space?..


site is third stage of black postprocessing: Aftermath stage

we can find out the site where problems arise from the first stage, resulting in the corresponding problems to solve. Of course, if the hacker is to modify the home page (this is the most common), such as the index.php file, then we can also download a program from the site of the index.php file can be a. If a hacker put your program and the database to delete all the words, then I’m sorry, if you have no backup data, can only be a tragedy…


database may have some trouble, but the few hackers get, you enter the database, whether there is the main view, if it exists, the problem is not big, generally no hacker to delete the contents of your table, unless it is directly delete the entire table.

this story tells us to develop good habits of backup.

site is the first stage of black postprocessing: view the current status of the website.


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