Eleven teach you select the domain name

2. domain name must be written, that no one has doubts. Once a senior Sina said with more than ten years to let users remember the word sina". But like 163贵族宝贝QQ, baidu贵族宝贝, taobao贵族宝贝, xiaonei贵族宝贝, renren贵族宝贝 are easy to remember domain name. If your website content is very good, but the domain name cannot be remembered by people, this is a very embarrassing thing.

7. do not use a hyphen, we all know that the domain name is can use hyphens, try not to use a hyphen. For example, you want to build a website called love online, then you must not because baidu贵族宝贝 is registered, you can use bai-du贵族宝贝


5. is easy to input, the domestic keyboard are similar, so the choice of the domain name when try to choose easy to enter the domain name. This habit is to go to your own research, I have done research on the keyboard design.

from personal blogs to large portal, no matter what the website and domain name must be linked to the address of the page is the domain name web. Now the domain name has been extended to the brand, such as baidu贵族宝贝, weibo贵族宝贝 can be referred to you immediately think of search and micro-blog brand, this is the consensus has long been formed. In the construction of website design, website domain name, I always think that web design is a very important part. You play the domain name has also had a period of time, for the first time to talk about the choice of the domain name today.

to start!

6. do not follow the trend, such as the recent hold the word is hot, but you cannot be called hold贵族宝贝 because such words often only hot moment, it is difficult to have been hot, so we should be cautious to use this domain name. I personally do not recommend using this domain name.

4. domain names have a characteristic. Like alimama贵族宝贝, alibaba贵族宝贝, qunar贵族宝贝, dangdang贵族宝贝, 4399贵族宝贝 these domain names is very characteristic, it is easy to remember, the domain name is the brand website, not mediocre from the domain name

1. com only on the impact of domain name, domain name suffix to the weight a lot of people say that some people say there are some people say, no effect, this is really not a good ticket. I think this should be no effect, but I suggest you use the COM domain name, because there are a lot of people only know the COM domain name suffixes, which is convenient in the promotion, like Co, me at home is best not to use, especially the enterprise station.

3. domain name should be short. And remember this is not the same, some people say is short, good mind, good, but there is a difference between. Many students do not remember z.cn is Amazon’s Web site, but many people have seen the Amazon acquired z.cn news.

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