How do you understand your competitors

three, its short board where

second, excluding the inside pages, because the inside pages of the rankings are not very stable, and not our home page weight compared to

locked competitors, next is the analysis: first analysis of the website why ranking, see the following elements by

when the core keywords, then all include the word "will be your opponent, but most of the pages are not competitive, like just born tigers do not believe they were rivals, there is no need to see themselves too. Find the strongest competitors to grow faster.

(3) and included the chain

website snapshot

(1) site weight, PR value, domain name age

first, we only observe the first two pages of the search results page, the top twenty "

can mimic the replication of

for the ordinary site, can meet the above five elements or less (especially in the chain structure and the original site), we found a piece of it through observation, do not be put in place. "


determine the site keywords, then you have an important job — Analysis of competitors.

Secret two, its success is whether what

(4) the content of the original and keyword density control and internal links

, find the strongest rival

, 1, 2, 3 points through the webmaster tools can query, it is important to note that the source of the chain, and the chain way is what. 4, the 5 point is the need to enter the site, observe the article page, pay attention to the wording of the article, and in the chain layout.

(5) social means to promote the application of

again, lock the main domain and the two domain names, which is what we want to focus on the analysis of the.

in this world everything every hour and moment are in competition, animal attack each other, let alone. Think carefully, we suddenly found that life now is small when the teacher repeated criticism of politics have no shame the people who eat the old society ", often this is anxious patting his head, let him look at this is that the government has promised to give us a better life.


analysis is completed, we must think in my ability, success can copy it, how long will it take, how much energy, technology to achieve without difficulty, of course, is more important to think about how to solve the problem.

well, so how to treat and analyze competitors, is roughly the following three points:

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