Five is the analysis of how to make your customers really love you


I think the "affinity" webmaster can affect the working relationship with the success of the project to a great extent. Many webmaster will argue, optimization depends on the execution, focusing on the results is not important, and the relationship between the client, so let me tell you, if you have this attitude, then you can only work in situ rolling without any improvement.

2, pre transfer and cooperation


your customers really love you? They are sincere love you? As a Shanghai dragon, you might say the webmaster, regardless of the customer or not love me, as long as the final project can achieve their desired results, the other does not matter. Is it really? Our webmaster is not an emotion, not even without thinking of the optimization of machine communication

this indifference statement once again hit in the head of the head, you haven’t shown a grand blueprint for you, the customer will give you create a mountain path, then you will suddenly realize that no matter how hard you try, if your customers don’t love you, really do not love you. Then you’re gone.


project started is very exciting, the first impression is very important. When you take over a few days before the project notice, should be ready to "quick victory" to provide a comprehensive plan for the project, from its website to identify problems, take the least resources to solve the problem, to allow customers to see the results, to a successful.

before the customer and to carry out the work of delivery and writing, then you are wrong. Many owners think, why spend a lot of time and effort in writing and customer optimization on business? The purpose of doing so is to let customers know, in our optimization work, always think of him in the first place.

I swearAny

don’t worry, you use more at this time, when the final effect is very obvious, not only the customers love to cooperate with you, to listen to your suggestions, at the same time for new customers, they will love you more, because you solve it quickly, you let them find more the profit opportunity, you brought them a great decision.

you can send mail through delivery, you can get a lot of opportunity for feedback, can ask the customer for any >

when do not be discouraged, not all of the failure of the project is doomed to failure, there are some simple project management skills and tasks, you can let the customer more love you, increases your chances of success.

If you don’t work in

as a Shanghai Phoenix webmaster, and customers to deal with this is inevitable thing, even when you have no openings introduced optimization ideas of our own customers, will talk about their metrics, very simple but very cold: "I want to see XX in the sea of love home"

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