From the train collision tragedy of Shanghai Dragon

together is because of two things have the same problem, Shanghai dragon industry is now very fire, so many people join in this industry, and there are a lot of people as experts, but the real understanding of Shanghai dragon is not much, just a little is known even when some experts, published in opinions are stealing the experience of others, and does not understand, so the situation will lead to a serious consequences, it is misleading to join them later.

train collision event is a tragedy, a lot of people are very indignant, because they just die life, many people are looking for the truth, in fact as long as calmly will find a lot of problems, such as: why when in front of the car can not be the normal operation of the platform in a timely manner to report according to the official explanation is that? The signal sent out, so we did not receive. Well, this is a reason, why not think of other ways, many people iede method can prevent the tragedy, but finally did not avoid. This means that before the lack of good protective measures. This is my analysis of the train collision events, then to talk about the problem of Shanghai dragon.

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may see the title of a lot of people may wonder, what is the relationship between the rear end and Shanghai train event dragon? In fact as long as you don’t consider it in depth, from the surface view of the problem, you will find a lot of things in nature are the same.

joined the Shanghai Phoenix novice to learn, I am also a, so in some places to find information, the beginning did not feel what, I feel very good, others experts say are justified, for a long time, understand many things, only to find that many properties of the material is the same, that is to say to what kinds of things, not what innovation, but also very popular, which led to later joined the basic school not what the real thing. In order to reduce some of the competitors, write something misleading, which leads to more and more people really understand Shanghai Longfeng less, and there are many people claiming to be the Shanghai Dragon (these people of Shanghai dragon know little) finally, this situation will lead to Shanghai, the industry increasingly unreliable, if it is not to improve the situation, will make Shanghai dragon industry to the end of the tragedy. So don’t wait to happen only to find the cause of the tragedy, because that time is late, the loss has a lot.


above represents only my personal opinion, some people may feel the same way as I do, but there are not the same, can only say that the angle of the station is different, see the different point of view, is not the same.

after the train collision event, but in fact that nature of many industries, we can only say that early discovery to solve the problem, don’t wait for something to happen to want to find the reasons that can’t be undone.

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