How about from Shanghai dragon in this industry talent shows itself

if you have not done the website, you should look at this article, because the choice of a domain name that is very simple, say complex that is very complex, because some good domain name now have been registered, so at this time to find a good the domain name really is not an easy thing. So, first go online to check your choice whether the domain name has been registered, then to check whether the domain name has previously been registered, whether it is love Shanghai search engine punishment, if the punishment, so it is necessary to decisively change the domain name. If you can’t find what the good domain name, you can also go online to Amoy a good domain name, domain name, do not money, if the domain name is the wrong choice, then will take many detours, so the choice of the domain name is the priority among priorities.

as a webmaster, every day we are most concerned about is the site, every day around the site, really, I feel very tired, not tired every day how much work there, tired but we do every day a certain amount of repetitive work. For each of our webmaster friends it is a torment. But anyway, we should strive for excellence in daily work, and strive to summarize a set of good strategy to website operation efficiency.

if you have never done so for the website, website construction is out of reach for you. How to do it, the money let others help you do, "professional designers will be based on.


Select the

, 2 space

, a web site to the overall situation of

two, the preparatory work for the

really, the choice of space is also very important, so I do stand by to tell you, because if the site space choice is not good, even if the site’s ranking is up, ranking over time and no, this is very terrible. First of all to the choice of space stability, secondly to efficient, open web site is faster. If you are using the domestic space, so also * *. If you want to save the record of trouble, then foreign free space for the record is indeed a good choice.

1, the domain name of the website.

before planning a web site, the first and the most important is to determine the theme of the site, only to determine the direction of the website, development to your website on the deviation from the core, for example, what are you familiar with the industry, which is a piece of business, how should the future development, and to integrate what resources and so on a series of problems need to be considered, because the site is not a joke, but a very serious thing, do my best to plan their website.

when you have a site with some factors to consider are considered good, the next step is to focus on the construction site of this piece.

3, the website construction work

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