An example analysis of influence of pressure on Web site grab included

ha IT Xiaobian the experience of a normal website whether it is business or industry portal station station is can reach the second, the amount collected should also be steadily, if you >

grab the pressure is too low, that your site spider is not active enough, the search engine to access the site your time interval is longer, even if your site has more high quality articles will not be included under this kind of situation, because there is no spider to visit your website, your website information is not included in the opportunity, so you the focus should be placed on the station "spider", the station only need to regularly update the original article can be small, not empty handed again when the search engine to your site and return, so as to gradually increase in spider heart status, increase the favorability of the search engine on your web site, so as to enhance the site grab the pressure to increase search speed and the amount collected.

two: site grab the pressure is not as high as possible

web crawling pressure is not too high or too low, must be controlled in a moderate range, this is the only way to increase the site included speed and included the total number of location update frequency of the website website this range should take into account your server capacity per unit time access to the portal site (station or Enterprise Station) and other comprehensive factors, timely adjustments to reduce excessive, too low to bring it up, only to the pressure control in a reasonable range of your web site is included to increase steadily, also to the healthy development of the website.


looked at the first point a lot of people may think the site grab the higher the pressure the more active web spider, so my website will be better, in fact, the site grab high pressure site, a search engine will take you a lot of server resources, which users access speed is slow and even open situation, on the other on the one hand, high pressure spider active site if there is not enough information or high quality content to support it, the search engine will often "empty handed", such a long time, the credibility of your website will reduce, the search engine will reevaluate your site assessment, not only the pressure will be reduced, previously included in the article page may a large number of deleted, causing the site included the amount of pressure dropped, so the site area is not possible.

many webmaster friends may also capture pressure on the site is not very understanding, site grasping pressure refers to a spider in a certain period of time or frequency and number of search engines to crawl your site information, can be simply understood as the site grab more pressure web spider is more active, impact on the website with this site haha IT examples and talk about site grasping pressure today:

site grab pressure figure

According to many years of

three: "moderate" is king

four: written in the last

: a low pressure site is not conducive to the website

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