How much is an e commerce platform SEM Shanghai dragon and stand outside promotion ratio

a lot of people around the world and Shanghai dragon network marketing industry personnel do not know an e-commerce marketing platform which in the end is the key, or is that this platform station promotion, SEM (bidding or search engine marketing) and Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) the proportion of about or how much is. Some industry insiders say the Shanghai dragon station is the key, while others are said to be SEM. In fact, in my view, this station promotion, Shanghai dragon and the proportion of SEM should be 7:2:1. This ratio is not necessarily the case here, there is an exception. Then these three aspects which are important important?. See you do what the platform. Different platforms would be different. Below I will talk about this problem with.

was the first to talk about this promotion outside the station, outside the station that is on the promotion of the use of third party platform to promote our products. Some people say that we are standing outside the circle of Shanghai Longfeng or extension workers like workers – workers toil. Oh, look at. Some people are a lot of industry insiders said, this station promotion is nothing more than some simple hair outside the chain ah, to the forum post like ah, not what technical content. In this statement I can sniff at. A good standing outside the promotion personnel, must first have to write valuable soft power, which is the least certain essential qualities must be.

then someone asked why this station promotion proportion is 7, accounting for why such a large proportion of it? I think it’s a good question. Do you want to have a lot of business platform do not know how this is drainage, started marketing professionals very headache, do not know how to start. Well, it is not in Shanghai Longfeng drainage drainage station, then why do, but also one of the most important. We have to let people know that you have such a platform, the platform is what you are, what you are, this is the key. Is the need for a long time do Shanghai Longfeng station optimization, so our company is to maximize profits in the shortest time and lowest cost, otherwise it will collapse. So some people say, SEM is very fast. In fact, some industry is just beginning to make SEM cannot, because SEM is expensive, no one knows when your brand to do the bidding, someone will believe your products? The result can only be transformed not only click, or that the conversion rate of the poor. Here is another reason is that you are who started it, the boss can’t give you a lot of power to make you free to "destroy" his website (the station optimization). In fact, this station effect is very fast, don’t underestimate standing outside the promotion.

then I talk about the Shanghai dragon. Speaking of Shanghai dragon, someone asked me, why Shanghai Longfeng proportion is 2? There are several reasons: first, when your boss said start Shanghai dragon, that your station has almost done. If the boss did not.

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