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usually do online official website optimization will arrange editing, chain promotion, planning, et al., even more there is a competent program or the like, there may be a picture station professional design and drawing. It looks perfect a system optimization arrangement, but the cost is not worthwhile, the number of add up to at least tens of thousands a month, but to bring high profit is the tens of thousands, the benefit is not good, online this one has to do kuibenmaimai.

want to do a optimization, and not a waste of money under the premise, the best program and optimization, optimization of most of the staff is not a piece of this program, even understand the procedure is also at most smatters, professional is not so strong, but the program is a change of good things, a the effect can be used to achieve a variety of ways, in the professional point of view, optimization of personnel can not completely solve the above code. Therefore, the professional program is needed, so that it can do the optimization, and the optimization is to optimize the user experience, in all aspects of the proposed optimization experience requirements, through professional procedure to do the best site, this is the cheapest and best optimization. As for art, the chain, which is the basis of content optimization, Shanghai dragon ER is probably not the professional artists, but in the common website icon, or can solve these problems, as a professional image station, the other said.

on a salary, I apply for a time, the simple task is complicated, the way of work, and talk to the boss, the boss immediately said, "see you every time in the company to get too late to arrange for someone to cooperate with you, despite the fact that what is the problem."

because I work time is like in the company blog, does not use the extra time to optimize the management, nor ever in an enterprise website, but the ranking came up, so I was rejected. In fact, the general optimization personnel can use the template to apply or imitation station and other methods to make a beneficial to the optimization of the website, based on the optimized code this is an optimization personnel must understand the knowledge. But the same enterprise website can do the word is actually not much, the market will invest to spend money to please professional personnel to optimize the optimization is relatively small, so it is usually little competition optimization is also very simple.

I applied on the optimization of job sizes 7, 8 look at the job in a general introduction about the idea of optimization, after the new owner will be said in a talk about salary, want to have several people work? In order to be able to apply for success, I may be in the introduction work and the simple things complicated, but actually optimization is really very simple, he also really don’t have a


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