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mobile Internet business, we must first cut

mobile Internet products should first "interesting", rather than "useful"

said back to the topic, why the topic will be "pops product concept OR Xu Zhaojun theentrepreneurship"


by the time I was a senior, I was a member of Jiaotong University. The special point was that it was the highest rate of employment in the country. So when I was a senior, my team members left, because it was easy to find high paying jobs. I am elementary, the world is paying very scary, so every day we are discussing the topic is: "ah? Your salary is 48? Never mind! My salary is 64." That was a very uncomfortable stage for me. Plus big 4, big 4 are like breaking up, that time is particularly low.

talked about the topic of business, teambition was founded when my third company was doing is actually the health industry, to a person’s health records are stored in the cloud, so will the doctor’s time is very convenient. Unfortunately, this project is praised, because the needs of grandparents, when we left from their community, he even. Remember, don’t know how to open the browser, so that the project did not very successful.

editor’s note: This article was interviewed by teambition founder Qi Junyuan.

, the former head of Renren, the president of Shanda’s wing and founder of dot networks, said at the start that PC’s projects should never be done. If you want to start a business or start a business now, there may be some opportunities for the mobile Internet, but the chances of leaving the Internet for entrepreneurs are very slim. For most of the Internet from mobile entrepreneurs, in fact, has a "braid", always thinking about how to make a move to the mobile internet project direction, early to do so, but the concept of mobile Internet is definitely not a simple mobile + Internet, there are a lot of new features, including interactive features of mobile phone itself. Differences in population differences and product operation experience.

"pops, what is it?" in the Xu Zhaojun after the speech, a scene from the audience, suddenly caused full field laughter. After a brief introduction to the army, he finally summed up vaguely: "this is a picture + sound tool."". Why is the "tools" instead of "community" or other, I think maybe before, probably even Xu Zhaojun himself did not know what is "pops". In any case, it is a product of a growing number of users. The scene of Xu Zhaojun the whole speech is probably the scene for me personally the most dry cargo, so I hope that some essence of things and to share, or business, for a product born people, entrepreneurship is to do a product.

editor’s note: This article by pmtree, one of the organizers of the Smythe interactive founder Zhan Runjie blog authorized the newly discovered mobile release columns. He served as product manager in O.CN and UC. Original title "pops product concept or Xu Zhaojun’s concept of entrepreneurship". Following is the full text:

last weekend to do a "efficient people treasure" activities to share, there are nearly 50 people from all walks of life, there is also a part of the young entrepreneurs, and they share some entrepreneurial things, everyone on how to maintain efficient working condition are more sense interest.

seems to read Zhang Xiaolong toward the military product concept, so special emphasis on the word "human nature"; to make a mobile Internet products, more likely to think of "human nature" this level things, rather than simply achieve certain functional requirements, or the needs of users. And he himself is more interested in mobile Internet products "interesting", if a mass oriented mobile products want to do, >

Teambition is a project tool that helps you do project management and project collaboration better. As a young founder, I need to lead my team to do the job well and have a high position in the industry, so I need to do a lot of things and work for nearly 100 hours a week. Because of my experience as my members, professional degree in one aspect as a team member, I can only do a lot of things, understand a lot of things, can lead the team in the right direction. And I’ll use some software >

insists on doing teambition is because I was asking myself why I started my business in order to make more money. Is it to make more girls?. I am not for this reason to choose entrepreneurship, but because I saw a lot of disappointments in life, I see we are using Excel, I spent more than 20 years or Excel; I’m studying in Sweden, see a course to teach you how to use project management software, you can spend a whole semester to teach. I think they can do better. I hope that by working hard, I can make my work more enjoyable, and my life will be better. In many years, there will be people who remember what I do, which will make me feel valuable.

works 100 hours a week + excellent productivity tools,

Tencent micro-blog open attitude is sincere, the developer’s support and support that will inevitably increase, as in a mobile Internet entrepreneurs, we want to see the future of the mobile terminal micro-blog Tencent to increase the investment.

came back from yesterday’s Tencent micro-blog open forum and had a bit of an urge to write early in the morning.

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