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As the founder of

, a way of adhering to lean entrepreneurial ideas, founding executive team is versatile, as CEO, I was born in various positions, due to market, so to promote the more advance planning.

emergency departments issued a consumer warning: "consumers should go to a regular shopping site to buy, check whether the web page can click on the Red Shield logo, such as website with a business license, you can go to HTTP? / / www.mingsuo / the website of the enterprise is registered, the sale of goods whether have business qualifications, in order to avoid deceived."

when I saw 6 years of continuous Internet industry news, by IT magazine to in-depth understanding of each big internet multi angle depth analysis, it will through various channels, and hand mining industry gossip operating micro-blog account @ travel tour spell the alliance and the latest @ Chongqing recruitment, no longer hold, he and friends jointly funded the establishment of the company, in the stage of product development, will focus on solving the spare time ahead of the launch of the Internet platform trust construction, based on the specific implementation:

certification Sina micro-blog blue V account, here is a skill: first, I want to apply @ @ app V certification

app UI, in addition to a variety of user experience can bring out the trust itself, server stability is also very important, this point not hesitate to choose the Ali cloud, although I do not know the server, but the background and technical personnel is recognized, and I recognized that part of the electricity supplier on their servers and for the record, the entire communication service link is in place. I believe the actual technical support must be good.

why is this happening? The main problems in two aspects: first, consumer awareness is generally not enough; two, the government regulation needs to be strengthened.

is from the beginning of 2000 85 after the Internet Internet, brought to the magic of the Internet fun with deep feeling, that time, Internet cafes in the midnight, the sound drops on-line cough, smoke, odor, flavor powder mixed environment is so let the teenager linger.

the future social development will make more and more people become service providers, namely entrepreneurs. Ma has mentioned small and beautiful, there is a sense, this is not what he wants, but the division of labor in the process of social development is becoming more and more thin.

first of all, Internet users must have the right shopping mentality. Many of these black sites are using Internet users like cheap psychology, sales of goods prices lower than the normal price of the market, a lot of people to patronize. In fact, there is no free lunch, the price will be high, but not low too far, otherwise there is a problem, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of low "".

secondly, the government must strengthen the supervision of shopping websites. Shopping sites are opened with legal licences, requiring at least a business license, a ICP license, and a business website on red shield 315. For Internet users, ICP license and red shield 315 filing information can be online inquiries. The problem is that the task of keeping the fraud completely out of the hands of Internet users can not be achieved to some extent. This requires the government to take effective measures to strengthen the supervision of e-commerce sites, improve the shopping environment, and enhance the confidence of Internet users on shopping websites.

According to the

third, to encourage shopping sites and Internet users to take more credit security measures. >

China e-business credit evaluation center responsible person, a legitimate business website should have two identity: one is the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau "red shield" logo; two is issued by the local information industry department of the ICP card i.e. "telecommunications and information services business license".

the official domain name for the record, because the CN domain name, the record is required, the initial choice is Ali cloud server communication here to note that our app server is still used in his home, Ali cloud server server is part of the electricity supplier online purchase and configuration, but really easy to use after considering the promotion will choose Q grassroots groups, the record in Ali cloud domain in the Q group will display a mark there is a question mark. In front of the origin of the market, it seems I can not tolerate, when to buy Tencent cloud server and transfer the record after immediate action: the official website of the server buy a cloud Tencent, also made a record transfer. We now enter the URL in the dialog box, there is a green tick on the front, looks more comfortable.

data show that the current Chinese website has more than 200, including e-commerce sites about 20 million, however, more than half of them do not have access to ICP sites for the record, that does not have the corresponding qualifications, but to carry out business activities, leading to frequent incidents of Internet fraud, which will allow many users of electronic business integrity questioned, is bound to affect the further development of electronic commerce. Therefore, how to reduce the occurrence of e-commerce fraud is a real problem in front of us.

in recent years, the number of online shopping has greatly increased, as of the end of September 2006, Chinese consumer online shopping number has reached 30 million, the annual turnover in 50 billion yuan, while the online complaint is increasing, some "black" sites let many people suffer huge economic losses.

, when app is still in the R & D phase, begins to consider future marketing issues, and we all know that if the product solves the trust problem, it will attract more users. Here to share with you, how I step by step to improve our products in the current Internet environment in the foundation of trust.


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