Airbnb political momentum spawned one billion startupsNew people must see what kind of person can

today, Airbnb’s business has covered 192 countries worldwide, and the number of rooms booked has exceeded 10 million. According to a closely related source, Airbnb’s valuation has reached $1 billion. The company has raised $119 million 800 thousand in financing from top Silicon Valley firms such as Andreessen, Horowitz, DST, Global, and General Catalyst. What’s more, the company’s services have expanded from rental housing to other areas: the Airbnb site has nearly 1000 boats to rent, and hundreds of Castle and more than 100 tree rental services.

technology news Tong Yun September 7th Beijing time news, in 2008, when the U.S. Democratic National Convention Democratic National Convention from Denver Pepsi Center of the Pepsi Center move to larger INVESCO field Invesco Field to the then Senator Barack · Obama Barack Obama nomination speech, many people want to know how many tourists suddenly struck to live.

"we were thinking about it ourselves…… Suddenly there was a flash of light." He said. "That’s where they’re going to stay: they’ll stay in the Airbnb rental house."."

compared with 2008, Airbnb has undergone an earthshaking change, when the company can not imagine the rental housing services to build such a successful business. When the company was first established, investors were reluctant to invest in it, Cheski and another

second, ability is the key to continuous improvement. Start at the beginning of the strength is just a "congenital" condition, can only help you start faster than others, and not blocked your way mark, then this breakthrough? It is in the ability of entrepreneurs, the ability of the size, determines the cause of sustainable development, a breakthrough possible. How to grasp the key points, it is reflected in every detail of the business, including aspects, summed up the main focus on three points, one is the executive power, executive power is related to efficiency; two is the expression, the expressive power of the flow is related to the team or with partners together; three this coordination, coordination is mainly reflected in the appearance of unexpected events, or affect the career continues, is mainly a remedy, prevention ability of thought. Ability to resolve all the difficulties and disadvantages, ability to reduce all the losses in the accident process, ability, can also make the development bottleneck of the new hope. In short, the ability to continue to enhance the key to career breakthroughs.

third, >

now more and more people crowded into the Internet world, I hope to use this platform to achieve their own desire to cock wire counterattack. In fact, it is true that some grassroots achievements have been achieved, the monthly earned X million, and so on, did not dare to think of the ideal. But most people worry about worry, do not dare to interfere and always come up with reasons to refuse, that expansion of the risk factors. If so, life is not going to want to start the year, preferably on a small firm and secure, but what’s the point? The network business has many kinds, one of which is the webmaster, do get flow, the pursuit of their ideals into reality, life changed with practical action, I think this is the meaning of life. But the network is not deep water, you can get a written plan to investment, can form an idea influence, some people are not inherently entrepreneurial materials need to be guided, so Internet entrepreneurs in the end what basic conditions.

of the United States online rental site Airbnb co-founder Blaine · Cheski Brian Chesky, it was a eureka moment Translation: the ancient Greek scholar Archimedes, once in the tub bath suddenly inspired, he found a long unsolved problem and calculation of buoyancy, surprise called a "Eureka", then found Archimedes’s law.

in about a few weeks, hundreds of people have begun renting their apartments in Denver on the Airbnb website. Airbnb allows users to rent all types of houses, from an extra room to an independent house. "If it wasn’t for the Democratic National Convention, it would be hard to imagine what the Airbnb would be like today."." Ceschi said in an interview with the CNNMoney. "As far as our business is concerned, it is difficult to develop rapidly. You need to have a big explosive push."."


first, strength decides everything. There are many strengths, including funds, contacts, technology, projects and so on. These rich content constructs the complexity, comprehensiveness and universality of the internet. A lot of people have a wrong way of thinking, this intuitive wrong knowledge is terrible, many people dare not do, the reason is very simple, because they do not understand the technology. We can see the impact of entrepreneurial technology is not the most important, just grab one of these for our factor, we can create success, you have the funds can play a financial advantage, you have contacts can play connections strengths, certainly some people say, you say four aspects. No, you also can do poineering work hard, and should not be part of the noun Wangzhuan strange! All Internet entrepreneurs do not have any limitations, as long as you play your imagination, it has certain feasibility, just do it! Don’t put yourself in the tip of the iceberg in the network.

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