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first look at the opportunities of import substitution, there are many core components in the manufacturing industry, which used to rely more on imports, such as servo motors, reducer, controller, these core components. Well, it is our concern that some of China’s enterprises will be able to produce core parts instead of imported ones.


at the end of 2007, I quit my job and worked full-time in the Internet industry. After that, I made a few small websites, "Fetion", "cool dog", and then started my SEO Road,

in addition to automated production, the new energy needs of the downstream drive is also obvious, there is a huge explosive demand for new energy vehicles, >

we understand the areas of segmentation that are truly high growth areas. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, there are three driving forces for high growth: there is a huge demand driven downstream, including import substitution demand and industrial structural adjustment driven.

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in the end what is the investment secret of fellow capital, fellow capital partner Zheng Weiwei told read three new board researchers, they rely on three sets of models.

what exactly is the investment secret of fellow

because now the foreign exchange control is very strict, this elder brother lowers the head to be busy, I lie prone on the counter, has enjoyed my first steadfast dream!

intelligent manufacturing including intelligent hardware and intelligent software, intelligent hardware mainly refers to the core components of industrial automation, intelligent software is able to achieve optimization of industrial production management software, this is the field of industrial transformation and upgrading opportunities.

focus on intelligent manufacturing, new materials, medical, medical three track homologous capital, in the new three board has been arranged more than twenty companies, the total investment reached 900 million.

business model, which involves a lot of financial model, referred to as business model; the second is the cash flow model, how simple to understand is the enterprise self hematopoietic capacity; the third model is the investment model, what is the price of investment, what price exit, will be diluted to dilute the future.


the next 5 to 10 years, China’s development of the two major trends, one is the upgrading of consumer services, and the other is the upgrading of manufacturing. And peer capital is focusing on the 4 sector of industry, looking for opportunities in the upgrading of the manufacturing sector.

every month, I spent my savings to eat, buy links, in order to realize the dream, is willing to invest should be good. Later, I applied for the shlf1314 Adsense, began to earn the U.S. dollar process. I still work more than 16 hours a day. In order to improve efficiency, I spend the morning sober headed writing articles. After lunch, I do blog construction, in the afternoon I collect articles, update website, after dinner, start mixing BBS post. To each big website friendship link column request, call the link.

Zheng Weiwei also believes that Pre-IPO is still a good investment opportunities, they want to make three parts of the money from the Pre-IPO enterprise.

wanted to do individual owners of freedom and time of economic freedom, but after buying real webmaster ranks, I only take from the remittance when lying on the counter, take a nap for an hour.

one, focus on the 4 sector of the industry, looking for opportunities in the manufacturing upgrade

ABC’s buddies are very good, look, I’m taking dollars, smiled and asked me: "you are not selling anything, people just give you money ah?" I said: "website, advertising!" he said: "you take me to do ah,

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Wangzhuan is a hard way, need to learn a lot of knowledge at the same time every day, every night to practice and numerous attempts, but in order to achieve the goal of freedom, I have always insisted. I believe that many webmaster feel the same with me, the flow is not high at first, and I do not know which domestic advertising alliance to make money, so I just apply for a few domestic alliances.

ha ha, it seems hard or worth it, all my hard work, complaints and depression are in a flash,

follows Zheng Weiwei dictating.

at present, we focus on intelligent manufacturing, new materials, medical, medical three tracks, hoping to find a high growth segment in the region, to find high-quality enterprises to invest.

from the downstream demand driven, the future production can be automated, which for a production automation equipment, production line, used in CNC machine tools, materials and so on, will face lower drive development space.


this article: SEO love crooked


last year, the new average capital yield of the new three board project with peer capital reached 126% of the good results.

September 2008, the new "painted" movie listings, I listen to a master Wangzhuan lesson, apply for a 2 website: "the painted online watch" and "cool music box", finally, I received my first GG remittance in October.

seems, although the road to do web site is difficult, but what is not hard to do? In order to free, value!

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