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recently, many publishers have expressed dissatisfaction with the process of changing the names of our payee. So we’d like to explain why we’re making such a process here.

1. received at least one payment,

below is the GG official’s response to modifying the Chinese Name:

founded the company? Shit, this is just the beginning,


now changes the recipient’s name request:

of course, grassroots brother said a bit extreme. Perhaps there is a part of children’s shoes, as long as their daily desire fulfilled, then you don’t want to continue to move forward, after all, contentment. However, the reality is not the case, we think, China Internet development has only 10 years, in the 10 years ago, there were many changes? How many companies die in the process of forging ahead, and how many enterprises have died in the status quo? Yes, ahead of the process are enterprises die, not to mention the status quo. If you just put the establishment of the company as you start on the road to the end point, then you are likely to die in the future an unknown time, because entrepreneurship is a process, the Internet industry in China has millions of entrepreneurs, unstable factors that millionth are likely to make you the only die. Forward is likely to live.

may have added a step to a publisher who really needs to change the name of the payer, but it takes so much time to make sure every issue is

Trading Forum in Admin5, there are many people selling Adsense accounts. Many friends may have hung Adsense advertising, and may be because of some reasons, do not want to practice the adsnese. So chose to sell.

of course, according to our grassroots opinion, can set up a company is rich handsome, is the strength of the people, perhaps the most grass-roots entrepreneurs, the establishment of the company’s business process of the end point, including grassroots brother before also think so, if some day in the future can set up our own company, so we can have a more substantial the income and a powerful strength, we can meet the normal daily expenses, drink coffee all day, the girl, not because of financial problems as we desire can not be satisfied and trouble. Shit, fuck you somewhere? Speak a little book, fuck, entrepreneurial world without end. If you just want to meet your needs, you might as well go home and sleep.

at first, the process of changing the names of our recipients was very simple. The publisher only needed to answer the correct set of security problems before he could modify them. But this year there have been released to us to reflect the security problem of accounts, some publishers AdSense account has been stolen, stolen person account after login account is very easy to find the answer to the question and change the name of security. In addition, our policy clearly stipulates that the publisher does not allow the transfer or sale of accounts, and we have also found that some publishers are buying and selling accounts. In order to protect the safety of the publisher’s accounts and to stop the sale and transfer of accounts, we have modified the process.


2. answers security questions: the date of the first display of the account; the number of ads on the first day

3. provides current account payee ID scan the identity card information we will not provide to any third party to protect your privacy, but please note that any forged identity card act is illegal

Hello, I’m a grass roots brother, and today we are going to talk about entrepreneurship. What is the business? Do a website, make a stand, and then hang advertising money each month is called entrepreneurship? In fact, different people have different opinions, macro perspective, entrepreneurship is a process from scratch, from big, do a website to put up ads every month did not collect advertising fees a business process? The size of the industry, some of the children’s business do to a certain extent after the meet, and some children are never satisfied, or the ambitions of some big, in his blueprint for planning to step on to climb, climb higher, so in these children’s eyes. Simply make a stand and hang on advertising is not business. Of course, these are shallow levels of argument. Let’s go deeper into the analysis.

if you need to change the name of the payee in the typo, do not need to receive payment, also do not need to provide ID scan, just to answer the security question.

in accordance with the provisions of GG, Adsense accounts are not allowed to be transferred or sold. However, GG is now allowed to change the name of the payee, although it is a bit troublesome, but at least feasible. Many people don’t know how to change the name of the recipient of the shlf1314 Adsense account. I had to use www.cc144.cn this website for an account with my brother’s name, but my brother is now working in the field, did not have his passport is to get money. I am writing to Adsense consult. Here is the answer. After understanding I finally succeeded in changing the name, although the process is somewhat complicated but. The result is quite satisfactory.

in July this year, grassroots brother and Hangzhou myth company CEO Mr. Cong Weicai talked about entrepreneurship, mentioned ten thousand hours of entrepreneurship, that is, three years or so. Grassroots brother was like, somehow also entered the industry for 6 years, Cong brother said, that’s not your business, the amount of this attack is a little big, is this 6 years white out? According to the myth that you must Cong brother, have some money to set up a company, in the form of a company to complete the operation of a project, it is business.

in addition, this process is only for modifying the Chinese name. If you want to change the Pinyin name, you can modify it directly in your account.

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