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at that time, a master said to me like this, "I’m not worried about my income now. I’m only worried about the flow of PPV company. I’ll buy it."

universal building materials factory in Qingdao large building materials production enterprises, enterprises belonging to the group of China and Europe, business leaders are open-minded, advanced consciousness, by the end of 2000, the enterprise decided to build the Internet website, choose the Qingdao famous Internet company × × the company for its overall planning; construction of enterprise website, website planning and appearance at the time was the local first-class leader of the factory that the site represents the image of the company, and to the backbone of the staff set up the MAIL mailbox, promote the learning and use of new technologies.

is the market staff secretly anxious when suddenly see the dealer market staff name card companies on the web site, so the dealer with the tone of ridicule said: "Oh, you have a website?!" This sentence, to remind the market, the market staff immediately invited dealers visit their website to view detailed information of enterprises, dealers in doubt and the market staff together to open the site building materials factory.

after full exchange, dealers to Sihai building materials factory once ordered 300 thousand of the building materials, the order is not big, but to break the traditional marketing model, through the Internet, the new media, through text, pictures, animation and other people with the understanding of the enterprise information, to provide corporate image. Enhance the credibility, promote the development of enterprises.

the factory leaders to listen to the sales staff report, immediately asked the Secretary to the construction of the enterprise website of Internet companies expressed gratitude building materials factory……

, first of all, understand a new word: Cookie Stuffing

idle idler: I’ll tell you what real Wangzhuan Part 1 this page is not released, we can look at, see the beginning of this section, the main method, the 08 years some people do EBAY, and related extension.

master, in 08 years, a month EBAY 6 digit dollars, not just by the technology CS, but also with another kind of new advertising model, PPV pay per view. What is PPV, that is, you put your ads in an advertising company like PPV, and they will let your customer groups pop up your ads when you are browsing the web because of the exciting conditions you set up. The so-called PPV company is such a company, because they have a large number of customers, installed their browser plug-in, so you can pop-up some of the ads based on customer favorite. This pop-up window is especially suited for patterns like CS such as COOKIE implants.

generally, advertisers are generally your visitors, through your website advertisers, click on the go, some behavior, there may be CPA, there may be a CPS, we are called ACTION, then you can get paid. How you know some ACTION behavior of visitors, is judged according to the COOKIE, many of the advertising business connection, click after COOKIE in your temporary IE files, most are valid for a very long time, as long as the validity period, no matter in any of your visitors the way, as long as the existence of COOKIE, access to the business website, ACTION, you can gain.

Cookie Stuffing? Cookie Stuffing Technology abbreviated as CS is behind the technology through the web site on the installation of special procedures, put your specific Cookie into the visitor’s computer, when computer users go to some specific sites to buy things, you have a royalty.

, for example, for example, you do EBAY advertising, you use CS technology specific, the website with your AFFILIATE data Cookie into your visitor’s computer, so the next time your visitors to the site, when direct access to EBAY’s website, he happened to any trading behavior, you you can because of the presence of Cookie, is your AFFILIATE tracking to, which allows you to profit.

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