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… The pet owner’s social platform, which looks like nothing wrong with it, has millions of pets. In fact, when you recommend a pet owner’s social platform to a pet friend, they say, "I’m not going to use it. Oh, maybe I’ll try it."." Even if the platform is done, most people still skeptical, they will not take the initiative to try, but wait for the recommendation of a friend. Almost everyone thinks so, and you end up with no more users.

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it’s hard to abstract what you need, but it’s simple to describe the problems in your life, so watch what people are complaining about. As professor TheodoreLevitt said, "people don’t buy a 2 foot drill to make holes, but they hire people to do it."."

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The first theorem of advertisement in

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only by clicking the ads to count the money.

This means that the default

The second theorem of

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only of interest to the user the user will click on the content

when users see your article, if relevant Java training information seen in the literature on the page, he will not click, but if the ads are literary friends, literary journals, the effect is much better.

The third theorem of

3 shlf1314 Adsense advertisement

Chinese at any loophole, a sound business rules as long as in the Chinese market, immediately changed the taste, such as traditional Alexa ranking. The point is: shlf1314 Adsense won’t be your personal means of livelihood, and spending more energy on other meaningful things is much better than trying to find cheating.  The

entrepreneurs first concern, must be user needs, rather than their own creativity, how wonderful. To see what you need, see what other people need. Successful entrepreneurs, ideas are constantly stimulated from the external events, DrewHouston is once forgot U disk, "I suddenly felt the important documents into online access" to create Dropbox." Many ideas come from the discovery of life, entrepreneurs produce products, solve demand, and achieve success.

if you don’t know which users are most in need of your product, don’t develop it. Solving the nonexistent demand is one of the most common mistakes made by startups. – PaulGraham, Y-Combinator, co-founder and founder of

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Graham has been talking about his entrepreneurial experience in 1995, when he planned to build an online art gallery, when everyone thought it was a good idea. In fact, there is little demand for online art galleries, and these "creative" feedback is misleading. "Until to charges, only to find the idea of a problem, but after that I am paranoid to succeed, I think it has use value, moreover, he spent a lot of time on it, how can they do?"

Quora, "if there is one thing in business should be avoided, what do you think would be?" ranked first answer from Suren Samarchyan, he is a twice entrepreneur, before the project reached $500 million valuation, the current field of entrepreneurship in his artificial intelligence. The following is the content of his reply, compiled by tech2ipo:

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