Foreign media said Spotify or directly listed at the end of the recent valuation of 13 billionLook

June 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, sources, streaming music service platform Spotify co-founder Martin · Lorenzo Martin Lorentzon said that in the short term there is no IPO IPO plan. But from now on, Spotify is likely to be on the market in the next 12 months, the sources said.

seems to have picked up the big bargain, but in fact it’s all over the place. After receiving the big Cola mobile phone, consumers found that the hardware configuration of mobile phones and propaganda is very different. And the use of a number of problems in the process, and even the screen is unprovoked cracking. And in March of this year, the big Cola mobile phone completely closed see article "titanium media had made large cola mobile phone officially declared bankruptcy due to funding strand breaks following" free replacement, lifelong commitment to become an empty word.

flicker rampant, consumers swallow bitter pill

foreign media reported earlier, Spotify will be listed directly at the end of this year or early next year at the New York stock exchange by "directlisting model, became the first company without issuing new shares, simply register stock, can be freely traded company.

but after the stride forward singing militant songs to raise public mode of development, malpractice has emerged. The current emphasis focus on financing products to raise the public, but ignore the more practical question — project and operation risk control, follow-up funds reasonable use, after the failure of the whereabouts of the funds, even all the chips become a lot of marketing means! Emerge in an endless stream problem, let the public to raise the upsurge from cleared, fell into the altar hell.

Spotify audio field is the world’s largest genuine streaming media service platform, in October 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden formally launched. Spotify lost 173 million euros $194 million in 2015, and recently valued at $13 billion.

if you think there is a problem with all the chips, it’s only a start-up, so it’s too easy. Many >

Abstract: for intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, the product is undoubtedly a public financing shortcut to heaven. But after the development of all the chips stride forward singing militant songs, the drawbacks of the model has emerged.

through the power of the people, the convergence of funds, the dream into reality, it seems to be full of ideal things, but because the congregation raised the model to become a matter of course. However, now all the chips are full of flicker, gimmicks and even lies. In a variety of tall copies, pictures, video attracted attention, and access to astronomical funds, the problem began to appear. The wrong version of goods is more than the date of shipment is It is quite common for homely food, has been delayed for various reasons, the delivery date, even at the end of a few than without hearing a word about "bounced king" Blizzard more reliable.


Spotify also confirmed that the listing is still an option. But there are no definite plans for the listing.

for intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, the product is undoubtedly raising all the chips to heaven, is a dream to achieve one of the indispensable driving force. Collection of people’s strength, so that all the chips from the concept of product to reality, from which perspective is worth doing. And whether in domestic or foreign, all the chips to diversify and innovative products, so that the industry and even the public in the hearts of the altar.

consumers who invest money can end up swallowing the bitter pill. Although in general, the amount is not large, but the public raised enterprises to do so as a model for all chips is a deep hurt. The impact is not only their own brands, but also allow consumers to avoid all the chips. At the end of 2014, Jingdong raised the line big Cola mobile phone. "A congregation raised, lifelong free for a new year" strategy to attract countless people to invest in it, less than 25 minutes has raised 16 million 500 thousand yuan.

it is learnt that the New York stock exchange is adjusting its listing requirements to attract hot start-ups like Spotify.

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