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Adsense has issued revenue to stop payment, reasonable? This is my recent search results had an article that read deep sympathy for the webmaster, also considered in this article on the shlf1314 recommendations, some very pertinent, worthy of the adoption of shlf1314, the

I really do not understand why is this? Even if my account was closed, even if there are invalid clicks, but I 2009 May earnings since the issue down, the authorities also think my income is a normal income! So, the $137.07 that I should get the money, it is certainly May earnings no invalid clicks.

/ healthcare big data investment logic /

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expects the official to give me a satisfactory answer, explaining that even if the money doesn’t give me no mind, I don’t want it to happen again

in the past few decades is the era of evidence-based medical, evidence-based medical experience relative to medical we say a few decades ago, evidence-based medical treatment is considered to be representative of the scientific development, it has made great progress compared with traditional Chinese medicine. But there are also some problems with evidence-based medicine, and many problems are insurmountable. For example, evidence-based medicine is based on the location of the disease, symptoms, combined with some means of detection, including some imaging, pathology and testing data, to assist doctors to determine the disease, given treatment options.

but what we have seen is, unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from the same thing in the same area

Hello, I am pleased to be able to share with you at the annual meeting of investors. My topic today is called the investment logic of health care and big data." Why choose this topic? Because sharing investment is a VC institution, VC always looks to the future.

urge official attention, I believe that no matter what a normal thinking person, you will think this behavior cannot be explained, normal hair down the money, and no more than 35 days of withdrawal period, while I will take out the time to recover, I want to ask, you can what? You this is my private property robbery

Huang Fanzhi believes that accurate medical treatment is not only a hot topic in the past two years, the future is also an era of precision medical. And big data will determine how far accurate medical care can go in the future. "Every day we have now medical and biological data is massive, if no one put it into a visual and not available to doctors, research institutions become available products, produced annually is rubbish".

first of all, what is the future of medical treatment, may still have to talk about precision medical treatment. Precision medicine is a hot topic in the past two years. Our focus today is to compare why the future is the era of precision medicine.

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Ma Yun said that the future of the richest man will certainly appear in the field of medical health, in addition, he said, now has entered the DT era from the IT era. Both of these points represent the future, so today we’ll talk about the future of health care in conjunction with these two points.

shares investment management partner Huang, on the contrary, in the "medical health special" published on the future of medical, medical and health big data industry views. In his view, over the past few decades, mankind has spent hundreds of billions of trillions of dollars on cancer drugs, but these drugs are less obvious for human cancer or life. The emergence of accurate medical treatment enables human beings to have a very deep and accurate understanding of pathogenic factors, so that personalized and accurate medical treatment can be adopted to achieve better therapeutic effects.

so, why did the authorities cancel my earnings,

investment opportunities for medical big data, Huang Fanzhi also said it will be reflected in six areas. First, early screening diagnosis; second, serious illness early warning; third, machine learning / manual reading; fourth, self diagnosis and treatment; fifth, insurance control fee; sixth, efficacy evaluation.

has been the terms of the king, and shlf1314 Adsense of the webmaster despot practices I have to sniff at, these people, that the great shlf1314 has been "no evil", they complain is just slander, but I did not think even he himself suffered such an unreasonable treatment. I can understand the account is disabled, there are hundreds of dollars lost and I can understand, but you sent me down the money back, in any case I think impassability?! we worked hard to do stand webmaster, their own user value and shlf1314 share, I think this is the cornerstone of the rapid growth of Adsense in China and then continue to sustainable development, but shlf1314 seems to ignore our small station interests, or even ignore our existence, as if to make the foundation lost?

below is "yellow", otherwise, in "China equity investment annual summit and 2016 Investment Network Annual Meeting" on the wonderful speech.

"my Adsense account was issued on June 26, 2009, and in 2009 May it was 137USD omitted 2 decimal points. After that, because of the business trip, there were so many things that I had to go to the Western Union to withdraw money later. Unfortunately, my account may have been maliciously clicked, resulting in invalid click activity official, which was disabled in July 14, 2009. Grief, think there is an already issued payment calculations, less than 35 days of official description of Western Union withdrawal period, July 17, 2009 Friday to check the Western Union, money is still trying to withdraw, the weekend, but my weekend July 19, 2009 to the bank for payment have been told, even shlf1314 INC cancel

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