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, however, there are also indications that since last year, customers have been looking for a way out of the capital market. Whether it is "overseas listing", "backdoor listing" or "seek mergers and acquisitions", it is likely to be reflected within the scope of consideration. Through the stage of live hurricane, this may be the 7 billion valuation of the guest, as an independent broadcast platform, the plight of the choice must be made.

but this action does not affirm the possibility of a merger between the two. The possibility of mergers and acquisitions is unlikely, the possibility of backdoor listing is even less." Famous cultural technology investor Cao Haitao said: "reflecting off the valuation and the market value of xuanya, at around 7 billion, from both sides of the capital, the acquisition is unlikely."

xuanya international in February this year has just been listed on the gem, the market value of 7 billion 200 million. As the Commission is tightening mergers and acquisitions in the entertainment industry, at this point, if visitors want to seek domestic "backdoor listing", it can be said that the timing is not the best. Cao Haitao said: "now the gem financing is very strict, it should rely on the main industry to develop.". It is unlikely that you will be able to absorb such a large asset when you are on the market."

xuanya international has announced in April 12th the suspension, said the company is planning a major asset reorganization.

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before March 29th, and indeed reflected off xuanya international operating company Beijing honey Hollywood Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the establishment of a joint venture company, focus on the development of suitable for broadcast platform for all kinds of advertising business mode, and docking of all kinds of potential advertisers, commercial promotion operations and other matters reached a strategic cooperation agreement. At present, the specific methods of investment and the amount of investment for the joint venture company have not been determined.

brand promotion with this recipe, with a July minus 500-1000 yuan

in April 14th, since the media "the eight" document "to reflect off the bondage?!", "the article said received the news A shares of listed companies plan to purchase the guest live Shunya ying". Based on the mentioned broke the news: March 29th, xuanya International announced that will reflect off the establishment of a joint venture; April 12th, xuanya international has announced the suspension, said the company is planning a major asset reorganization. So, there are rumors that the suspension may be related to a customer acquisition of xuanya international mapping.

as an important member of the domestic broadcast industry first echelon, independent broadcast platform "Ying Ke" every step of the trend of much industry attention. Before the announcement of the takeover rumours, it seemed that there had been no news for months. In the broadcast industry, a thousand li a day in, does not seem to be a good omen.

has been looking for a "pick on the wheel",


arena since there are rumors, and the two sides should reflect xuanya international customer contact.

storm entertainment, the first time you contact the relevant guests to reflect, to verify this, but did not receive a response. Reporters also asked the relevant investors about the rumors, the investment circle is also cautious about the authenticity of rumors.

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