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answer: you need to have a domain name of your own, of course, also have their own personal web site at the same time – for the content of the site, you have full control. And this website can not have illegal content, name, description should accord with substantial content. You need to have a certain knowledge of website operations – knowing how to make traffic as much revenue as possible. What else? Nothing else! That’s easy! Of course, you need a bank account to receive the remittance!


you linktech partner:

Beijing linktech Information Technology Co. Ltd. formally notified all partners, change our recent staff, staff turnover is as follows:

took all the work Kurt original publication will no longer use the list of numbers are as follows:

linktech originally released MSN will no longer use the MSN address list is as follows:

: how should I parse the domain name after registration?

contact Kurt on-the-job staff released as follows:

after successful registration, you need to log in to your domain control panel, will cooperate in the form of domain name analytic CNAME records to the given address: union.cmfu., we need to pay attention to is to choose CNAME Bie Ming to analyze, address back. Don’t forget to write. After parsing successfully, your novel channel officially opened,


answer: we generally will be completed within 1 working days after the audit, there will be confirmation letter sent to your mailbox, please pay attention to check.

asks: does the application for entry to the fiction League need to be reviewed?

asked: "what qualifications do I need to apply for entry into the fiction League,

: you will receive our confirmation letter after signing the cooperative domain name at the beginning of the novel alliance. You can refer to the instructions on the letter.

answer: we will count your monthly commission last month. Whenever there is one in your network >

answer: starting novel alliance system, is relying on the largest original novel site, starting from the brand of the novel network of appeal, and cooperation between the vast number of sites open platform. Join the starting point of the novel alliance, the cooperative website can not only greatly enhance their website traffic and ALEXA ranking, but also through the most simple form of their own flow into cash income

: How did the novel alliance end up?


at the same time, you must also confirm that the domain name you have completed must be your own private domain name. Only a private domain name can be used for relevant analysis. The free domain name will not be used properly.

answer: join the starting point of the novel alliance, need to be reviewed, reviewed and adopted before you can carry out related operations. If the starting point finds irregularities, the starting point has the right to terminate its alliance partnership.

: what is the starting point fiction League,

: how many days will it take for audit?


then, your domain where to buy where the analysis, such as network purchase, then login to your network domain control panel operation. For detailed analysis of address and resolution, please ask your domain name registrar.

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