Before the end of the cooperation of the initiative alliance the settlement of more than 50 yuan sh

We all know that

from another perspective, sh419 is the love of the people, one of the most important reasons is that it provides a huge search results, so that people can easily find your needs, so it can be seen that the relationship between sh419 and the webmaster is interdependent, who is less., who refers to sh419 and the webmaster two one individual of course, many webmaster especially small webmaster >.

you know, mom is an on-line, rash and too much in haste in one or two months. Let the whole Internet know that there is a mother Ali, and quickly gathered a large number of small and medium-sized adsense. Because of the unique way of Ali’s mother, most of the small and medium-sized websites are willing to put in the Ali Mama advertising, Ali mother thus became the largest platform for Internet advertising. sh419 as a result of the collection of a large number of website data, coupled with a lot of people patriotic reasons, are using sh419 to search things, over time, it is customary to use sh419. sh419 became the largest Chinese search engine, so as long as you can in the sh419 website ranking up, bring of flow is very considerable, so sh419 has naturally become a lot of small owners Yisifumu, do stand it to help the webmaster to sh419 to do. I hope to bring wealth to me.

, the current domestic union is mostly one hundred yuan as the starting point for settlement. Only 100 yuan to start paying. Not reached until next cycle.
    many webmasters respond to this. Some questions about the tail money. At this point, Sogou and Yahoo are the best. Often less than 10 pieces, and finally sent to the webmaster.

alliance income itself is webmaster’s hard-earned money. The site is not the same size, large easily make a lot of money, but many small and medium-sized websites. Income can only be increased by one digit.

may be tens of dollars, is their first income. It is the profit and value that they pay close attention to in the same way. So, join the alliance. We must understand the webmaster’s hard work.

    Special Initiative: I hope that the alliance will stop the settlement of more than 50 yuan before the settlement of the settlement with the webmaster. These, after all, are the work of the webmaster, the work has been deducted from the income of the union, the owners of the circle is very small. League respect for the work of the webmaster, but also the attitude of the alliance. Today’s webmaster may be tomorrow’s webmaster.

but such outstanding work. It is the starting point of alliance reputation and reputation.

, Taobao and sh419 recently bukekaijiao, Taobao refused to take the initiative to sh419 included, but Taobao and Ali mother merged, on the surface they are one, but you site:www.alimama, you will find that Ali mother did not reject sh419 included, Alibaba is not even Alibaba, sh419 still put a lot of advertising, so the fact that they are separate. In Ali mother on the post, the same is easy to be included in the sh419, but, many webmaster also worry, they fight like this, and finally hurt is not we these small adsense. Because of the fact that people have recently been told about K’s ads for mom, I don’t think so. How do you do it? You can do it as usual. You don’t have to worry about anything, unless you really have a problem.

these two days in stationmaster net suddenly discovered such article, "put alimama advertisement to be sealed by sh419, a website of five years."". There is a "careful alimama advertising is sh419 drop right", a look at the title, I’ll come in, see how it is, because your site is on the mother’s advertising, if there is a problem, to make a decision immediately.

two when I read this article, feel two landlord said is serious, I itself is a rookie level, will not be the real reason of his, maybe they really put the advertisement and mother have a relationship, or other causes, we aside. Today, I’d like to give my opinion on the question of whether alimama ads will be stopped by sh419.

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