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July is the season when college students leave campus and enter the society step by step. With the pain of parting, there is more melancholy for the future. "The difficulty of College Students’ employment" becomes a social problem that can not be ignored. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, many college students have chosen to start the Internet business, trying to avoid the risk of employment, Internet entrepreneurship is really a good medicine to ease the employment of college students,


at that time, angel investment in the Internet, especially in the mobile internet field, is still only a small circle of individuals doing, and the term "incubator incubator" has not been well known. Li Kaifu and his team frequently appeared in many media, on various occasions strongly recommend this brand innovation works at the same time, also tell people constantly, compared with the traditional investors, as the incubator how different they are.

entrepreneurship incubator, which is a long-standing definition of innovation workshops. Even at the door of the Shanghai office, which was built in September 21st, it still says, "it’s not just a project here."."

Innovation workshop no longer focuses on entrepreneurial incubation. Investment will be the main sector of innovation workshops?

two, experience. According to statistics, the success of the Internet Co in 80% the entrepreneurial age is less than 30 years old, of course, a data is 90% business students who fail Students Internet business failure rate may be 99%. Therefore, the Internet business is more testing entrepreneurs can not predict the future of things sensitivity and judgment, is the need for appropriate work experience, thereby increasing the possibility of entrepreneurial success. >

three, the labor costs of enterprises increased. The salary level of the whole society generally rises, the operation cost of enterprise increases obviously, and unwilling to spend money to recruit people, most of them are experienced people who can directly create value for the enterprise. The newly graduated college students obviously do not have the ability to directly mount guard, so they have created two difficult problems.

two, serious expansion of University enrollment. The gold content of college students after enrollment decreased significantly, many schools in order to pursue short-term interests, regardless of their own ability, a creation of professional students in the classroom to learn almost experience, make college students employment pressure.

?"Innovation workshop" is a new integration of angel investment and innovative products,

, "we’re a real investment agency, quite different from a traditional incubator."." Li Kaifu told reporters on the last day of October that the Innovation workshop announced a $second fund of $275 million in financing.

1. Lack of self-knowledge among college students. "XinBiTianGao, life than paper thin, just graduated from college Yangaoshoudi, wanted to earn a high salary, no thought, their ability is not paid to match. Their professionalism is not enough, unwilling to start from the grassroots, resulting in difficult employment situation.

entrepreneurship is the process by which an entrepreneur optimizes or integrates the resources he has or by working to the resources he can possess to create greater economic or social value. Starting an undertaking is the act of thinking, reasoning and judging that requires an entrepreneur to operate, organize, and use services, techniques, and artifacts. Employment refers to the activities of the people who have the ability to work and desire to work for the purpose of obtaining remuneration or operating income within the legal age. Simply put, entrepreneurship is looking for people to work for themselves, employment is to work for others. As a newly graduated college students lack of social experience, experience can be gained through employment, a solid foundation for the day after the business lay.

in business mentor and the identity of the investor, Li Kaifu more inclined to the former, but from a commercial point of view, the identity of investors is clearly more realistic as many entrepreneurs in the beginning too idealistic, innovation works, imagine Li Kaifu also need to stand the market test

in August 2009, Li Kaifu took the initiative to leave shlf1314 to create innovation workshops. As the most influential personal brand of China’s Internet at that time, it was no exaggeration to say that the Innovation workshop set up by Li Kaifu brought the boom of domestic business incubation.

but less than a month, but Li Kaifu published micro-blog explained, "I do not intend to criticize the incubator, I just clarify: innovation works from its inception, has never been a traditional incubator, has been the investment + all-around service mode."

seems that Li Kaifu’s answer is yes.

used to be a model incubator

he made several definitions of the new company, "Innovation workshop is the founder of the Whampoa  military academy", "Innovation workshop" to fill the vacancy of angel investment in china". At the same time, he promised, innovation works will provide "rich backup to our enterprise culture to provide legal, financial, room service, providing a shared software platform and module, and search engine optimization services", and "able to hire the best engineers, with complementary team, increase the success the probability, also speed up product development."

entrepreneurship, vs jobs,

wrote in September 2009 on Li Kaifu’s blog, "my new company, Innovation workshop."."

what is an Innovation workshop,

in 2010, the Beijing Office of the Innovation workshop expanded from the original 20 to more than 200. Snacks and pea pods

university students employment difficult reason

1, funding. Need the necessary funds in the preliminary stage, at least the money can make your project to a certain track, if you don’t have enough money to support the necessary development, it is best not to start, or it is a waste of time and money.

Internet start-ups need to have the conditions

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