Two months of experience in the Suzhou plant network

When the

at the end of last year, because of a plant network soft off plant network construction trend, an army of a stampede in, detailed planning make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, anyway, plant net is in various city such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain suddenly, this was not the occupation of market


actually I is beginning to get busy, because for a long time have not done Chinese station, has been doing nothing on the foreign Marketing, behind the Admin5 and stationmaster net sloshing, just to see people selling this program, then Shouyang, decided to take CMS to study and imitate, Suzhou plant simple and direct

was born!In fact, at the time of the

Chinese station has not much interest, first I do not engage in technology, although there are a lot of ideas but very difficult to achieve, with someone else’s code is always not assured, so to do a professional site for me has always been a dream again! Do foreign Marketing long time, and gradually find out the side of the market, have a good income, so I did not put too much effort on this! By the way words, do older people first picture station may also remember that there is a forum that is ambiguous, I, but also spent a lot of energy in the this above, high flow, but in the end because there is no business talent, coupled with the domestic several ambiguous crackdown, sold them to Kose! This thing for me to do Chinese station can be regarded as a critical hit, from now on To the Chinese site dispirited and discouraged, but, it also contributed to my today in the foreign site of some harvest,


well ~ Suzhou this place is not small but not too big, but there are dozens of plant network, I a! Now is what the industry is to crush the head! How do I make myself out? This is a big problem, others are old brand, and most of them are intermediary the company in operation! And I’m just a ride, the real estate industry is utterly ignorant of guy

!The first step of

: planning! Of course is to seize the search engine Baidu! Is the largest search Suzhou plant network, in front of Taishan a lot, my shadow did not ~ ~ ~ without a fight has been badly mutilated! Anyway! The first analysis of the other sites, is the most dynamic, and my CMS can generate a static. Is the advantage! Look, read a lot of information on the site users are not very friendly, and I design (imitation) is very simple and intuitive, the title Click to enter, check all the information, no other complex pattern! Plant network information quantity is not large, and then engage in complex but not good! This is a the advantage of the new station! So in the rankings, have confidence in yourself!

The second step:

information! New station always no one patronize, only themselves to go to other places to copy and paste, to ensure their own station every day new information! It can be done every day, will spend half an hour on the line at the end of the year! Just have nothing to do every day to copy some information, can guarantee the classification of information is so good!, because.

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