n the discuz forum post personalized signature before and after adding advertising code

              a few days ago, a friend asked me how to move in the discuz forum like network at the end of each floor posts to add ad code, because the height and width of a slightly higher widish add code is not beautiful in the default posts below advertising code. At that time, because of the rush of time, did not solve. Just a little time, just by the way the code is implemented.

    well, not to mention it; here’s the way to add.

The degree of difficulty is very simple:

         ;   the following to add 1 to 3 floor at the bottom of the same advertising code, for example:

first, we go to the forum template management under the default template file to find the viewthread template file (or directly to FTP /templates/default/viewthread.htm),


          so added is done.

If you want to directly add

code in a number of buildings, only need to

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