What do you need to analyze a successful website

chats with many of his friends in the industry when he talks about what he’s doing. Among them, there is no lack of excellent projects, but there are more projects that I feel are impossible to succeed at all.

most of the situation is that many people do web site, just a temporary impulse, think the Internet is very simple, try it is no problem. Coupled with the site is now more and more low cost, many people in traditional industries began to do the site, hoping to gain something.

in fact, any industry will not be so simple. In most of the Internet Co I’ve seen, especially small and medium-sized websites, most of them don’t really know the internet. Many companies just follow the trend, see what others do, do what they lack, sober minded and innovative consciousness.

Internet is a high and new technology industry. It’s not easy to buy a server and make several web pages. The first is a media website, if you do not understand the communication, especially the propagation of the new media era, please don’t come to the construction site; site is a network technology as the carrier of the media, if you do not understand the technology, the best is not good; most of the business models are based on the use of high-speed flow the information of this principle to reduce logistics cost, production and sales, so if you don’t understand what you are in service industry, logistics, sales channels, you’d better not build a website; Internet economy is an economy of scale, most of them need to grow to a certain stage to be successful, if you do not have enough money to support or no financing experience, please don’t do the same; and any of a traditional industry, how to decompose the strategic target to everyone, to achieve the quantitative and flexible control, Crucial. If you don’t know how to manage knowledgeable employees, please don’t build websites…

there are many, many restrictive conditions, and if you can’t meet these requirements, your website will certainly have a bleak outlook. Your project is very likely to be a "burn money" project, the difference is only the burning of their own money or investors’ money…

of course, it doesn’t require a person to know everything. However, as a leader, we should have such a vision and ideas. When formulating a company’s strategy, consider a more comprehensive and better risk reduction. In specific implementation, the natural need to find more professionals in a field to operate.

but most of the current websites are small and complete, and most of them are going to fade out of sight. By contrast, the patterns of successful projects both at home and abroad are simple, such as Google, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Citysearch and so on. Even if Sina and other portals seem so vast and complex, the core business model is fairly simple. I’m sure a lot of people can come out of sina’s Web pages. However, Sina extremely strict control system, and the news media between the good interaction, massive accumulation of data and news operation >

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