Low income Adsense money must come out of their vicious circle

this article dedicated to making no money, or earn a little money after earn more money, but it is still in the blind personal webmaster friends, let everyone out of a common "vicious circle", the early realization of their dreams.

don’t blindly project

here is mainly those without the knowledge of the new Internet webmaster friends, often listen to others, or to see and not to see the text, then you think you have found a profitable way, like the success of others can be copied to yourself, buy a domain name, buy, pay to the program, and then with a string of questions to start their own business trip, I met a friend to do a two hundred trillion space project, even rented a server, quite a Speechless, later encountered as not update, included reducing, procedural problems and so on will follow, the diligent in my search study in Baidu, lazy simply what questions to ask, you know some of your questions in others there may be a pediatrician, others are lazy. Of course, who all come from that period, I also had to choose a com or CN domain name to QQ specially to ask, finally in Baidu search to select com, now look at this problem is really a problem too much. Advise those new Adsense issues first Baidu to search, Baidu basically what problems are, not to blindly ask a simple question, senior webmaster do not want to waste time on no return of the white body, enthusiastic webmaster also has, but patience webmaster do not always have hot heart.

don’t make too many meaningless thoughts,

to determine the project time, some friends will be more seriously, considering the development situation of similar sites, there is the potential for future development and its operation, the author has the profound experience, this thing is a very troublesome thing, always hovering around to do and not to do, this time will usually think very long, some thoughts are not practical for months, some to the end did not do this project miscarriage.

I have had this experience, do have an edge to stand for a period of time, because I heard that a lot of money, in groping, the content should be controlled in a range, or you will be in jail, and the domain name and space must choose abroad, but at least have VPS, and that part of the money is not willing to invest in, for fear of no return, mainly because there are English heteronomy, but in foreign countries, buy a domain name can also improvise, but VPS domestic haven’t touched, let alone abroad, in the future a huge temptation and their energy for a long time with force. Finally completely dismissed the idea, or to do stand, do the Weifang second-hand car because I just do local station started, with experience in this familiar and have a certain grasp the degree of heart And this is mainly aimed at the bottom, there are several sites to play, want to try the other direction of the webmaster friends.


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