High flow is not equal to high income webmaster should be down to do station

first into the webmaster this line is in effect week friends, stumbled through a lot of their own, beginning for three different types of station I have a domain name within a month, finally stay in school code station, I do not know what a start. Just know that every day the rest of the collection of information, no matter what, also don’t know what time can be included in Baidu, more than 100 daily traffic, so hold on for more than a month, my poor GG account only ten dollars, I feel very funny, maybe smile more reasonable.

decided not to do, I backed out, put the whole sale to others, the domain name space have no money to earn back the station sold soon, the friend told me I stand proud of your friends, I stand well run, now 5000 of the traffic, I was sweating hell, open the site has become a movie station, inside the CPA ads everywhere, he said one day to receive nearly 100 of the income, also gave me a map, I did not know is happy or regret, I think what people can do and I don’t.. I paid for his method, and 100, he told me how to do it. Immediately, the day I went on a new station to 1000+ IP, income also has a dozen blocks, I was almost crazy, oh, a bit of the methods now obsolete, but I can honestly say that walking is pornographic edge. When I arrived the peak near ten thousand IP, but also to the daily income of about 200, but not every day is Sunday, insist on less than two months on the flow are not, by the state to delete.

here, I think, many owners said their station has tens of thousands of IP, but also said he could not earn money. Well, there are tens of dollars in income, I felt at that time is unlikely, but also laugh, people will not operate. But now I understand, really want to do high flow high income is difficult, is accidentally hard earned a last time I counted; why do you say, in fact, is a commonplace talk of an old scholar IP of high quality, is the hard truth, or more traffic is also no good, some people may say that I am a few million IP pop can also come to money, but if I want to be honest do stand webmaster, do not intend to own station to become garbage station would not normally put the window, unless some owners have their own promotion methods, from the beginning to the end to get traffic, it put the window is definitely the effective capital the source, but if a station by false information to engage the low quality of the traffic, you may see their flow statistics will be happy happy ear, when you look at your income, you will find what is not.

what I call "high quality", I think everyone knows, is the ability to really find what you want. My income from that period of time has been firmly on the part of the population. Now I suddenly understand this reason is because I have just made a movie station www.qvod88.com, the first day of the site on the line, I would like to try to get myself more than 1000 IP, are real users into their own!

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