WeChat fans operating in the medical device industry

each industry has its own characteristics, the WeChat operating according to the characteristics of their own industry or enterprise, the particularity of the medical device industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects, one is the product categories for the crowd, a medical device often for just one class of people, such as high potential therapy, blood pressure meter mainly used in the elderly, blood glucose meter is mainly suitable for patients with diabetes. The security requirements are high, and most of them need to have security query function. In view of the special nature of the medical device industry, we propose the following recommendations for WeChat’s operation, of course, some are suitable for all WeChat operators, and some are suitable for medical equipment industry.

we need to understand the purpose of the operation of WeChat fans, some WeChat platform service, does not have direct sales operations, then WeChat’s goal should be done before sales of brand and product display and customer service consulting services. The marketed WeChat platform will do a series of work around the sale of the product, which will be shared below. No matter what kind of nature, the basic purpose will contain the following points, one is how to attract more new fans, the two is how to retain these fans, the three is whether the way we choose to reduce our operating costs, fourth, how to make our fans realize the value transformation, the following will detailed decomposition.

, our main microfilament will appear? The main line in the company’s official website (source website users and a lot of the East, this is another topic), micro-blog, QQ group, forum, WeChat circle of friends. Offline is mainly company stores, promotional activities. Linked to the medical device industry, our customers may be mainly in the elderly, most likely is not online or by WeChat, has been used to find Micro customers in the Internet, how to make the Internet customers through the Internet to their children to pay attention to our WeChat, these are very worthy of consideration. How can we use the external force of the big data analysis, to find our equipment to adapt to the disease, the client will appear in the network of which platforms are ideal.

two, to attract more users to the following methods are free of charge, including online and offline, online charges are mainly Baidu bidding, WeChat forum and public number delivery. Free, good or QQ group promotion and WeChat circle of friends promotion. Offline, mainly rely on the experience of the daily operation of the store, in addition, our products and packaging, publicity page, also put our two-dimensional code. Offline charges are mainly offline activities.

three, how to retain fans? Think about what we focus on the main purpose of micro signals, not less than the following reasons,

1. attracts us;

2. provides the services we need;

3. has my favorite products online sales, often promotions, and often interact with users.

4. learn their business model;

5. friends or >

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