The webmaster should spend time on the edge of the knife

management for several months in the herbal website very touched (show site, a sales oriented company products do not need to flow in this industry is in need of customers, so we don’t need to go, I was hired to do under management. On such a simple stand, the monthly turnover is something you can’t imagine, so you don’t have to worry about it any more. Ten years of review and contact with the network are here to warn you.

brothers, relax, don’t be so hard! Take some time for yourself, take a breath!


why? Do you have management website articles, send ads, change the code and so on until this morning every day? Even if you are a people or company website managers this is my best advice. Before I explain this, I’d like to start with a story.

about 8 years ago, is still basically pure HTML website, the first time I made this website at home all through the night spell for 1 years, we believe the network there is a miracle, it is not difficult to sleep on the floor, and if not mistaken, only occasionally to bathe out of the room. Finally to Japan IP15 million documents, as the movie download site is ASP code, MDB database accused of copyright, but also collapsed the database and stop, I still feel crazy for this crazy investment of abnormal pride.

can it let me lose a lot in life, and it definitely makes me at the expense of health, overwork let me ill half (leukemia, also made a white Master title) my friends all know that out of this thing.

if you’re shaking your head to express understanding or approval, then we’re going to talk. The success of a person or website does not have anything to do with his working hours. Whether it’s a huge portal CEO, a big Baidu executive who has a huge network of rights, or a personal website owner with high traffic, they have much shorter online time than you and me. It’s time to stop mad about the nets and readjust our clocks.

there are many owners believe that their own website, as long as the work does not stop updating, a person to do a lot of website: subject selection, imitation template, acquisition, and connection is still in there every update is hard. It’s often a Baidu K that wastes energy and money. Do we have to think about what we learned in this error?

actually do when running the site in you, and not because of your work for a long time, you can manage the network owners or Raider online sites like this, not because the site to extend a time management you have better business development, make more profitable or more beautiful page advertising effect.

I am not talking about that fancy promotional articles play text. Top programmers know that if a software is successful, 80% of it comes down to the early stages of the architecture phase. As long as this is correct, a project is not going to be too big.


, my cousin broke the law and looked at the cunning

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