How to plan and make website

1, the necessity of enterprise website construction

Companies such as

have their own web site, should make full use of their existing information a few other resources, and the specific content in the website. The benefits of building websites are:

(1) is beneficial to enhance corporate image;

(2) is an enterprise with network communication ability;

(3) provides a comprehensive and detailed description of enterprise and enterprise products;

(4) can maintain close contact with customers;

(5) can establish business contacts with potential customers;

(6) can reduce communication cost;

(7) can use the website to get the feedback from customers in time.

2, the basic composition of website construction

, a typical full enterprise web site (WEB SITE), consists of the following main components:

(1) home page is built on the enterprise website, advertising and information released outside the carrier. If the domain name is the enterprise’s "hukou" on the international Internet, then the enterprise homepage is the business card that represents the corporate image and is adopted on the international internet". The homepage also known as enterprise image page, online business facade, it gives people the first impression of the enterprise, so it is very important to the design of the website homepage, including: enterprise name, logo, the content of the web site or simple navigation menu icon, highlighting the most important news contact or modify the content and the customer and the company address;

(2) product page, product page using information layered, layer by layer refinement of the company’s products or services;

(3) a customer support page used to provide customer information, help, or customer feedback, such as a message board.

(4) contact information

3, website construction process (e-commerce),

to build a website, you must first give it a name (domain name registration), and the enterprise domain name registration, domain name resolution and other preliminary work completed. Then start making web sites. In general, an enterprise’s Web site has the following steps:

(1) website planning: determine the website service field and website service object; make clear the website provide those services, and then do the planning work of the website;

(2) registered domain name;

(3) rents Internet links to Internet services (ISP), that is, virtual hosting and network access, dial-up or broadband;

(4) makes the enterprise web page;

(5) test and evaluation;

(6) maintenance and update.


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