Website content should be updated according to the user’s needs


site users are the God of the web, and only God says this is good, so this is really good. It is critical for web content to provide valuable information to the user, regardless of the originality of the content, and as long as it provides value to the user, it is a good article. Many webmaster said that the original content is good for the site, in fact, this is only one of them. If it is not original and can solve the needs of the user, then this is also a good article, we should not only update the content of their own point of view to think about the problem, empathy can make their harvest more. Then, how should the website content update the valuable information to users?

first: understand the information required by users

many stations think this can not be achieved, because each user has his own needs, how can you understand? In fact, this idea proved that this person did not properly analyze. To understand the user is very simple, for example, to see the source of statistical tools, keyword sources, antecedents, access pages. These can understand the needs of users. Just like yourself, if you don’t see the need for sentimental love letters, then you won’t search for the word, nor will you visit the web pages associated with it. It is easy to know that the user who searches for this word must have this need, and we are serving the user himself, and he will naturally give him what he needs. Through these analysis, the demand of users do not appear in their eyes? I every day will see the statistical tools, not to see how the so-called IP traffic, but every user is through the search of what words come in, so that you know what is convenient to update relevant content.

second: update information at the user’s point of view

webmaster updates the content of the website, most of them are based on their favorite to update, for example, this article that they feel good, then no matter what, add to the web site. In this case, I can only say that your website is dedicated to your own view, rather than giving users the information they need. Therefore, many websites like himself, if he did not see the sad love this demand, it will not go to search the word, nor access related web site user acceptance, so they should have a positive point of view, do not regard themselves as the owner of the company, but as a visiting users. Through the analysis of their own if you enter this website, first of all to what kind of content, where the key point, but also what instructions like and so on.

this regard oneself as the user is still very easy to get the answer roughly the minds of users, although not fully aware of the user’s psychological, but combined with the keywords and access to sources of statistical tools in the page can easily update the user required content, for the user, can the value is to help users solve required, then the user will slowly love on your website.

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