Grassroots experience for novice webmaster words

engaged in the Internet industry for a few years, and their own ideas and experience of the sun, and if you can help some of the words, I am very pleased, and if it is not correct, please criticize me.

As a novice

station, the first is the positioning of the site, make sure you get what station? Have a plan and plan to develop plans and planning, but one should be reasonable, but according to, not tandaqiuquan. Greed is the establishment of the taboo!


web site design is a must, if you want to own you should know HTML, JavaScript, flash, if it is with some advanced features would also need to know ASP or some other PHP dynamic web technology. Here is recommended that you use some of the existing CMS release system, ASP recommended the move easily, the creation, the new cloud, also some of the more well-known products, PHP, phpcms, imperial dream, JSP is not used, not too good, who can add. By the way, some friends who are interested in technology can go to the www.9imoney.ent forum to leave a message and talk to me. If you can’t do it, please call some professional companies and ask others to make it. However, the choice of companies or other generations to do, pay attention to some problems, that is, the optimization of web design problems, this is the next seo.

Seo, believe the old owners are not unfamiliar, the novice webmaster to understand some of the best means of the SEO, in the establishment of the time to do well, to design the website with web standards, to do search engine optimization design in the production site, for example "title, Keywords, Description part of the page and keyword stuffing and so on, don’t say you haven’t heard of SEO, search engine optimization, if you don’t know, go to the station to get Study hard to learn! It seo even if you don’t love, also should get to know him, at least do not inadvertently when the search engine made a taboo. Here is to say, you’d better be static web site, that is, as far as possible the web pages into html. Because search engines have better support for HTML pages, as far as dynamic pages are concerned, on the one hand, existing search engines do not have a better way of interpreting the specific content behind them. On the one hand, search engines generally don’t allow their spiders to search deep into dynamic pages to avoid getting into a state of dead circulation. So that dynamic pages are harder to retrieve by search engines. So I suggest that we can not static dynamic, dynamic needs to be combined with static and dynamic, in order to maximize access to search engines.

is in the last station after to select the appropriate server, and the promotion of the website, it is very important to choose the appropriate server, someone made the station for a long time have not been included, the reason may be that the server has a problem. Promotion is to do more than the chain, log on the major search engines, and if the style of writing is good, also >

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