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has been studying how to do stand, this time may be due to their stand too little, always feeling a bit behind, but also obviously feel the lack of knowledge of SEO, then one has the time on Adsense online to learn, want to learn more, learn more


previously published an article on the webmaster online: my website making money history, this is my first time to write articles, not written, my literary talent has always been bad, so I do not want to write more. Of course, that’s the second one I’ve written,

before writing the theme, to denounce a leader for our company, in the Dragon Boat Festival on the second day of the holiday should have good days, I would sit in the office to write second of my time! Also have the same experience sympathizes with fellow

and me!

on the choice of industry: in the webmaster online to see a lot of heroes are recommended to choose some of the larger search industry words, so that traffic will be more. I think this is not necessarily, industry word flow, as can be imagined, this competition will be more intense, want to do keyword will be hard to believe, do this hot industry keywords will also have a lot of webmaster, so I think we should try to choose some of the more popular the industry to do, of course, you have to choose how Baidu Google day will be the key for the search, you can see this stop, when I had written the article.

About the

industry content problem: industry content try to supply and demand information, enterprise information, and then add some relevant industry information of website content, the supplementary information is very important, appropriate for some SEO optimization to get the flow rate, the final model is to make website industry to manage the site the content of


on the industry station advertising revenue problems: industry station is the main source of income GG advertising, GG advertising is also the most suitable for use in the industry station, and the general price will be relatively high. Of course, if fame is bigger, it’s better to advertise. Small station: machine-made charcoal net (http://s.86mutan.cn/), the flow is not high, but also sold to 600 yuan of advertising.

A method of

industry station promotion: what not to say, on the Internet webmaster website promotion method mostly, of course, not necessarily suitable for everyone, so we need everyone to synthesize and summarize a set of methods of their website promotion.

sum up: the flow of the industry station will not be too high, but targeted, GG advertising clicks will not be too much, but the unit price will be many, and this is the profit point. There is, their own literary talent is really not what.

articles come from: http://s.davidfei.cn/,

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