Lianliankan keywords promotion experience

Lianliankan this game, cleverly applied to my website, in May this year, in the 4 months after this is so put, I did not expect to go to promotion. Until I know the webmaster nets, plus in the webmaster online learning, understand a lot of basic promotion knowledge, just realize again and again to see the importance of this keyword.

quickly entered, here is my November promotion "Lianliankan" keywords process from September: (to press Lianliankan keywords in Baidu is ranked 30, Google is 45, this query in stationmaster net I know "to get the search engine of popular keywords" knowledge of the webmaster are very useful, especially for beginners promotion: Baidu Chinese Search Ranking, "ten big billboard games Lianliankan" has been hovering in the top 5; Google hot list, "small game Lianliankan hot search list" has maintained first positions; the information I was determined to promote Keywords: lianliankan.

The next

is our familiar routines for promotion, not only stay in the verbal description, I put my "everywhere." lists, for reference:

interactive Q & a

Baidu know: This is my signature "answer: baiwanweb- assistant two, about Lianliankan questions" for award calls Lianliankan? "" Lianliankan game article "Lianliankan game can be commercialized?" "love play Lianliankan friends, please say that why do you love?";

Baidu: Post Bar Lianliankan Post Bar, "!!!! this Lianliankan ten close to $100 bills!!!!!!!!", "beauty and Qingyang Lianliankan " "


Baidu Encyclopedia: see Wikipedia again and again, there is "I am happy, do not forget to play Lianliankan" entry;

(above Baidu column, I go every day, because the effect is really obvious)

Sina Love asked: "occasionally, nothing special,"

YAHOO knowledge Church: occasionally, nothing special;

QQ Q & A: occasionally, nothing special;

Qihoo ask: Q & a hodgepodge, known as using advanced technology to the network all the answers to collect their own web pages to


Search ask: occasionally go, nothing special;


Sina blog: although not much by the search engine included, but there is a very powerful group of users, and luck and Bowen some features, but also very easy to recommend to the home page, is closed

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