Overseas Chinese website PR has the white list system let us decide on what path to follow

today habitually open Ad5 website home page to see the news, only to find that there are articles introduced, this PR has been updated, I hastened to open my station home page, a look! I did not expect from 5 has dropped to 4. When I opened the site of the link, I found that most of them dropped, and even the famous overseas Chinese [fighting in France] dropped. Overseas Chinese website PR has not changed, also in the majority. At the same time found that the site has disappeared from many, it should be with the domestic "one size fits all" related.

check out several representative overseas Chinese websites:

[battle in France] PR6 drops to PR5 http://s.xineurope.com/

[PR6] QiongYou did not change http://s.go2eu.com/

[Poland Chinese information network] PR5 down to PR4 http://s.plchinese.com/

[Belarus Chinese network] PR4 has not changed, http://s.chinabelarus.net/

I don’t know much about SEO technology. I just know that all of these sites are original and more updated, but this PR update is so unusual. I don’t want to know more about SEO. I just want to do the website well and serve the people. This is the meaning of the website.

for PR is not the most important, it will look at the "white list" system on the site, the site does not record overseas facing domestic users can not access, overseas websites are mostly personal website, who can afford the company registered capital of 1 million. If the domestic shield, this way, at least for overseas Chinese Web site caused no less than 50% of the traffic loss.

overseas webmasters need to think seriously about what we’re going to do in the face of such a crisis,


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