Why can’t SEO make money

does not make money in SEO, it’s only childish. Each SEO don’t want to make money, which is not willing to do SEO more money? Have the status and fame? But most SEO made very little money to make money even, the reasons are as follows:

, some customers are short-sighted, because the acquisition of SEO money profit is a cycle, most of the bosses China are very conservative, all the basic investment will soon see the benefits to do, without much money if funding strand breaks, more money would be benefit to the promotion of Baidu, faster.

two, SEO propaganda is always in the underground nature of the industry SEO requires a lot of human dwelling character, hype trait especially in the actual transaction the commercial potential to get some inhibition, ask yourself, how many professional SEO company is a local Baidu promotion agent publicity in the local


three, SEO success rate is not one hundred percent, SEO threshold is not high, but the level of SEO even better people will inevitably shoot the chest, to ensure that the first effect. The work is not in place, you may not see the effect, a long time is often the two sides to give up, even if you don’t want to give up work unilaterally; do too difficult, you can’t guarantee that you will not be K? How many master case where ah. Advise some people do not casually do a bird’s head of meaningless sacrifice.

The negative effect of vicious competition in SEO industry,

four, SEO people are some of the most people to understand the computer, there is some Cobain born master computer hackers and SEO, especially the double identity of people, once the dark corner once more, the fierce competition in the industry, the SEO industry is always the first one injured. The cow server has also been a black day, in cattle SEO who can not network the world, all friends. One thing that could cause official Baidu to take a little of the industry as a whole, seriously, and sometimes not necessarily good, is that every SEO has a good attitude.

five, SEO and reality especially commercial society still has some of the derailment, most SEO words can not fully play, do not make products flow have been shown, good products can not be fully excavated, how many players do not use ah. When the SEO butt on good products, the business will be bigger and bigger, life can change, but when the SEO butt of bad products or even obsolete products not the future of the project, vicious spiral, from mind to mind, SEO wasted too much of your youth. Personally optimistic about SEO intermediary companies, they do not do SEO, their task is to find a good product good projects outsourced to professional SEO studio, SEO studio and SEO studio intermediary profit sharing, responsible for customer communication and coordination for good rankings into real profits, SEO studio only recruit business negotiation master.

when too many accidents become inevitable

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