The evolution characteristics of the nternet community topic segmentation small groups informati

‘s first contact with the community is in junior high school students have a recommended this site, was not the concept of community, just think this website has a lot of news can be seen directly, rather than reading the newspaper to facilitate a lot, this is the first contact with the Internet memories, when this portal is not a real sense of community, just a pile of information platform. Of course, the portal community is a head in the Internet to build the concept of "community", to connect people and people together. Along the way, the Internet "community" is how to evolve,


looking back at the past, early, Baidu Post Bar, various forums (before the visit is about love and Symbian mobile phone brush forum, there is this two days of "Oolong" Niu Bowang), popular portal community; later because of the rise of Facebook makes the emergence of SNS website, everyone has your home page; and also a bean, petals, 42qu community, to have specific topics of interest and people together; then Stackoverflow Quora, this looks very primitive recording quiz mode is also the smartest programmers into the network; recently, teamwork, enterprise social networking platform the emergence of a large number of network, making the line with the collaboration between people to gather together, online collaboration.

, we can clearly see that the evolution of the Internet community has the following characteristics:

In the

1. community, topics of concern have become increasingly thin.

Before the

portal community information is almost what, but also not neatly arranged for users with different value to the information science as search engine that everyone is like watching a big electronic newspaper. Now the community is more people who have the same interest together, focus on the same topic, it is very easy to communicate resonate, if you use a bean, 42qu, little of this website will realize this point. In the future will be further, people will even directly line work items on the online discussion (such as entrepreneurial team Co-working model, that is, between small teams share the advantages of resources to do the project). The trend toward fine differentiation will also make people stay online longer.

2. community groups are getting smaller.

was originally in the network community is mostly to all Internet users, and now more users find their love and interest groups in the market, China, QQ group this small closed group is also very popular.

3. community information is becoming more valuable.

is the early portal community news consulting, a lot of things Post Bar entertainment information; since the SNS website, more personal information is shared in the platform, although many still pan entertainment; Stackoverflo>

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