The pace behind the SNS quickened

    known as China’s small and medium-sized owners of residential areas behind the forum, the pace of development of SNS faster and faster.

a few days ago in the title bar vigorously promote members to join the webmaster club, recently in the home page high-profile call to join the national webmaster circle.

fish in the forum showed that they were ready to develop their own SNS system, but for some reason, the ultimate use of the Kang Sheng SNS products UCenter.

recently, SNS products heady, the entire Internet Facebook whipped up a wind, China at home network ( in accordance with the so-called "human network", through the micro blog, blog, interpersonal interaction, group fusion, occupy the China SNS market mainstream network.

recently launched a formal version of UCenter Kang Sheng, coupled with already open source similar software thinkSNS, OpenPNE, OpenKaku influx of the market, SNS site threshold dropped a lot, suddenly emerged many SNS sites. Most of these SNS sites chose to segment the market.

uses open source program behind the development of polymerization site, it can only choose the webmaster polymerization technology, but by virtue of its own members, more than 40 thousand high viscosity, online membership of about 10 thousand, more than 30 thousand days post foundation should be rapidly formed a scale.

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