Since 90 thousand fans 40 thousand subscription users from the media tell you how to obtain users

leads: "light quality, content is not enough, you also need to distribute channels.".

since 2010 I had more or less on the blog, the first is the use of WordPress content management platform self hosting, and then use the light blog Tumblr, now use the self-service platform Squarespace. At the same time, I have about 90 thousand twitter followers, and my e – mail also has 40 thousand subscribers, both of which bring back some traffic to my blog to some extent. This is the overall composition of my current monthly traffic.


in January 2013, I published a group of interesting and rare Facebook data (and launched my electronic newspaper), and a year later, in January 2014, I joined Vc firm, Anderson, ·, and Horowitz fund.

, this is traditional blogging. But not really the traditional way – I didn’t write the original HTML statement with Notepad, nor did I upload it with FTP (or edit it directly via Telnet remote login). Of course, you can also do so — you can like a personal blog of father Justin · Holzer did 20 years ago, or by WordPress, Squarespace, or any kind of new WYSIWYG publishing platform. The challenge, and the key lies in the blog, and let people see the blog is not the same thing. 20 years ago, Netscape allowed you to have a site with two hits. Today, hundreds of thousands of blogs are everywhere. Yes, you can publish, but many sites buried your site, can not be seen, it is unknown. So, before my traffic increased, I spent two and a half years updating my blog regularly, and the amount of traffic that I had had had to do with the amount of time and effort I spent on twitter. Blogging has never been easy, but blogging has never been harder.

now, let’s say you don’t have 2~3 posts a week, just 1~2 every six months. In other words, if you’re really busy with something else, you don’t have time. You can publish articles on public websites like me or Justin, but to be honest, no matter how good your article is, you’re almost sure to waste your time. Maybe your topic can be easily searched by search engines, but it belongs to a subset of many topics. You may have several twitter fans (or you can get a few people you come to a Links), but many people don’t do so full of wit, they have no time or simply not in this direct way of talking about their work. The same view applies to the publishing platform for another content like Instagram. In addition, it’s very likely that no one will read your blog posts at all.


problem doesn’t lie in free time

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