The experience summary of website single page practice

contacted the Internet, or was it just a freshman, when it was an illiterate computer?. Although the University of computer science, but three years down to learn too little. I have never been able to find an ideal job after graduation. About a year after graduation, it was difficult to find a website maintenance job in a private unit. The company is new, so it has nothing to do. At first, the boss asked me to make a website, even if I had to practice. After more than two weeks, my first website was finally on the line. By chance, I heard SEO from my classmate. Then began to understand this knowledge, on-line, began to know the ADMIN5, SEO data station and other websites. Study SEO knowledge every day.

see data station, engage in flow words competition activities to participate in. Began to publish an article on their website, but has not been included, see the competition of other people’s Web site will soon be included, the psychological feeling is very unhappy. Think you must go beyond their future. Wait, this activity is over for almost a month. My son opened the statistics page one day, and the page was collected. And it’s on the front page, bringing a lot of IP. The psychology is very happy. Later, I update the website every day, and then do not show some original articles. Web traffic is increasing. The first break was 500, then 1000, and then 2000, up to more than 5000. It probably lasted more than 1 months. This article has been out of the front page. The traffic has fallen. Through this activity, I summed up, in fact, single page flow is actually very easy. The key is the weight of your website, so that when you publish an article or build a page, you can be included in the shortest possible time by Baidu. Only included you can talk about later. Maybe someone will say, how can the weight of the website be improved?. I feel that only your website has been around for a long time. Keep it updated every day and do more original work. Just like a webmaster.

The most important thing about

SEO is practice. If you only read some articles every day, you think you can improve the level of SEO, then you are wrong.

quit now and stayed at home to concentrate on my new station, Recently on the line, this station is engaged in product services. I hope that friends who are interested in e-commerce can contact me. Finally, I wish all webmaster friends can succeed.

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