What can you do to make the engine fast

according to my last year I did three stops and then took turns testing on the floor…

my first station is a station of QQ resources, natural QQ this is a popular keyword and then I used DZ + Forum program is written by a friend program is to read DZ data and independent generated data to do home program.

I like

in the DZ forum post post address is www.fzl44.com/bbs/thread-1-1-1.html then my home will be at www.fzl44.com/fzl/wenzhang/200805/24-6.html (the address is to follow your program settings and change, not fixed, this is just the example.) and the 2 address is independent of the program is independent is a shared database

was included in the Baidu 2 days, GG 3 days…

but why is it so fast?… The reason is that my home page program, my home page program, because it is written on its own, so there is no duplication on the network, I refer to the source code

Baidu loves this kind of station. Resources can be repeated, but not on the Internet. There are thousands of copies. But the less the source code repeats, the higher the value of your station.. The faster you add.

spent a month, Baidu included 6000 pages of independent IP 5000, and then I went to the second station is a music station, I do not go to Baidu to submit, just do a connection with my home page, the same 5 days included

because the Baidu spider crawled through the address on my home page. So fast included.

maybe everyone doesn’t look very well. I sum up.. Do stand, election procedures, if you have the ability to write or make your own template. You can change the number of source code change much to change as far as possible not the same as the original (but to also want to pay attention to the volume of large volume, Baidu is not love.)

, or repeat too much, your station is not worth, natural Baidu does not like you, then everyone knows,


Chinese station which is not doing the program now has so many good open source why don’t they? For a reason. The so-called original not only refers to the resource source code is also very important to.

personal experience, please forgive me if you feel bad or I am wrong.. Thanks。。。

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