What should you consider before you set up a website

in Chinese, there are too many personal webmaster, in the webmaster, I believe that many people only see other people doing the station will itch, I also want to make a station, I also want to be master, as do what do what to do, don’t think, some even do what after considering the what to put on his website. No wonder there are a lot of Chinese webmasters, but few of them are well blended. Here to talk about individuals think before the site should consider a few questions:

in to the site before, must first figure out, why do you stand for? Interest or make money? Talk about interest, interest to all other important, your love on the line, in the day, there is not much to say. Some just in order to lead the station when the addiction, it is also good to say, find a free space to apply, even procedures are not used, 32 months is enough to make you enough of this addiction. Next to that is to make money and do stand, the owners should be the most, I think, want to make money do stand in two ways, one is the garbage station, station stationmaster net how there are too many well written articles, I will not show. The other is to make money the station with its own characteristics, the website needs to have their own fixed user groups, rather than relying on search to flow, so we must first have a do stand the idea what kind of station, this is the most important. How can you tell if your idea works?

1, market analysis,

analysis of what you want to do what the website can provide services to this population, it ignores the opponent, in general, the needs of the people will be? This demand is worth you to do this


2, profit model

is the first to do many Webmaster Station, the station Wang to consider how to profit, who knows some station popularity is there, but could not find the profit model, although there are huge traffic in hand but no actual effect, can only rely on advertising alliance meager support server fees can be can rest a little money make you hungry to eat, some even can not because the server under such a large flow and no money in the collapse of the edge server. Therefore, before you do the station, you must have a profit model first.

3, competitive analysis,

what you have to do the station before you know whether people are already doing the same kind of site, not behind closed doors, if there is a similar site, from your plan, what could be better than others? What attracts more people than others? You can get a few estimates the market? The market profits worth you to do? Don’t forget you for money do stand. If there is no similar site, so, you are the first, so you must be careful, low-key, China website copy too fast, if you do not have any competition in the preparation before the high-profile act, I believe it will not be long before there will be a lot of similar sites out of you trying to seize the market.

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