The reputation of website entered the stage of sustainable development must be crossed the threshold

annual new sites to hundreds of thousands of counts, and every year the closure of the site, also need to count hundreds of thousands, from the point of view of those sites of success, often continued success, and those new sites will be facing a severe crisis, that is the website no signs of sustainable development, even the beginning profits have no way to do, how to obtain the core of sustainable development power? But want to get profits, then crossed an important threshold, that is the reputation construction, if a site does not have a good reputation, then there will be no loyal customers, loyal customers, and talk about what to talk about profit. The sustainable development of


but many webmaster in the operation of the site, tend to focus on how to achieve their website product sales in, how to make profit model has been realized, but even the most basic of loyal users are not, it is not one can’t make bricks without straw? So I think, in the initial operation site, should focus on good word-of-mouth marketing, only has a certain reputation in the website, can gradually open up new profit model, the power to make their sites for sustainable development on the site! So the beginning of the operation, how to open the exhibition work word-of-mouth marketing


1: building a unique personality of your website

is now on the Internet website looks similar, but if a careful analysis, still can see subtle differences, such as portal website, page design NetEase and Sohu have many differences in the details, so the operation of the site, cannot imitate, imitate, finally failed certainly is an imitator, a fable like I once heard, said an earthworm to see a snake’s body is very long, so earthworms want their man in a little, then imitate the snake constantly stretching his body, but in the end, the earthworm body is to engage in their own time, finally died and by is visible, imitate, can only defeat! So reputation construction, is the need to establish unique personality on the


two: let users get help on the site,

now a number of sites are hoping to squeeze all the user’s pocket, through a variety of methods to the user’s pocket money, but the money which can so easily pay? Even if it is a hoax, it also need to spend too much brains. But in order to make their sites to establish the reputation in the user’s image, there is only one way, that is "bribery" users, allowing users to benefit from their website which is the so-called, people eat the shortest, that means, when users share from the website to help, when asked how this site, it must be said that leverage! So to make a site with a very good reputation, through a variety of value-added services, allowing users to feel without you


three: continuous improvement of

there is no website that can be turned into a single one at once

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