Talk about new sites is how to improve rankings

below, I’ll explain why the new station rankings so good:

some time ago on the decision to engage in a network ( of the site, the site from the line until today, just one month, the main keyword ranking "network marketing" natural ranked seventh, not bad. I’ve been busy with other things since I’ve been on the line. I haven’t kept a good update, and haven’t done a good job of quality outsourcing. Website has been hanging there, until last week, just to make time, and do a good job of internal construction and the distribution of the chain, the site in yesterday’s big update, ranking on it. Now, let’s all come here and discuss what we have done:

1, insist on updating

every day

web sites are attractive, first of all, with content and good content. Every day I collect a large number of the latest IT news or online marketing information, and some of their own site experience, and so on, screening and editing, and then upload. Some people say that now can be collected, why still use human power, acquisition is very fast, but at the same time can not guarantee quality. It’s easy to clone a station, but does it have a future? So I’ll stick to the local method. Thus, the content of the website is gradually enriched. You can really call it a web site.

, here’s a tip: how to find an original article

1. search for the same industry books

2. Baidu news source (open Baidu, click on news, enter the key to search, and then will show the latest relevant dynamic) (the fastest is to subscribe keywords)

3. looks for the industry’s authoritative news sites (fastest subscription News)

4., the industry’s hot forum, there must be something you need,.

5., according to their understanding of the industry, pseudo original.

2, Baidu Encyclopedia

as a webmaster, we all know that getting high-quality one-way links is the best link. The policy puts the links up by editing some related entries so that reverse chaining is achieved. I’m not going to teach you how to edit your entry effectively.


3, high quality forum

on the strategy, this week’s time, mainly through the release of their own actual combat experience, the major webmaster class website, access to high-quality links. And in some high quality forums do anchor text,.

, here’s a tip: how to evaluate high quality links

1., this site is the industry leader,

2., the site keywords ranking good,

3., the content of the site high quality and fast included (content immediately included that kind of)

4., this site belongs to Baidu news source >

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