DedeCMS For Admin5 comprehensive application lecture

first, I will introduce myself, my dream is the official team if you contact. Also have more than 2 years of time, had been done at the forum, met a lot of friends like you, then he joined the dream team, found that this is a vibrant, passionate and learning ability where the webmaster network invited to give a lecture program DedeCMS.

is mainly because of the lack of lectures, training content system, this lecture I will dream technology forum common problem of sorting out, and some other aspects of the application of the contents of the supplement, let everybody understand the use of DedeCMS program.

security settings

is the first program of security problems, here are some of the main independent server webmaster, if you have some experience in the system security deployment above that should not have what problem, some owners do not have the system security deployment experience, and now the horse rampant, so many people are worried that the official earlier issued a on the "DedeCms V5.3/V5.5 Security Guide" topic, address:, which said in the Win Serv environment how to configure the server environment.


mentioned in the text. The file directory, here I made a description on the whole file system directory:, of course, if you install a module will be a corresponding increase in some directory, such as group, ask and other modules.

Usage of

dede:sql tags


SQL tag can be called a universal tag, and the query database will output it. Here are some uses for this tag:

1. is used to output the contents of statistics, this is good, for example, we made a number of statistics under the total article, the idea is to output dede_addonarticle this article content can be the total number of additional table.

, dede:sql, sql=" SELECT, COUNT (*) AS, nums, FROM, dede_addonarticle"

[field:name = " nums" /]


2. ~field~ to use a special query, such as before the forum above many members need to do a post output current member, before using SQL or Arclist tag is not possible, because each content is different, here we come to the 5.5.

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